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Awesome game! I was expecting scares but got so much more!

This was way too much fun, fun to play, fun to edit. Great game short and sweet!

This was too funny, made my day

A lot of fun, great controls and a retired feel make me excited to see more!

Thanks! That means a lot, This wa an awesome game btw. Thanks for making it! Really made my night

well played, that was awesome! Really got me!

Thos was WAY too much fun, great job at atmousphere, awesome little story, and smoothgameplay. Overall great time!

Awesome game, made me jump a few times!

Still working on the series, but so far pretty good! Got me a few times.

Awesome game and a COOL concept!

This is just wow. I love this series! Great games keep it up!

Awesome game! Thank you!

This was so cool, thank you so much. I really like the story you have set up here.

This was really cool! I might do more but so far campaign is pretty good!

thanks! It took a while to get lol

Thanks for a great game, I played for hours!

This was awesome! great ambiance and all!

This was really cool! Rogue like games that are replayable are hard to come by. At least ones that are enjoyable. This is well done and executed! THANK YOU!

Hello, Can I pleae play this on my YouTube, I love the idea!

Awesome game, cool concept and neat ending to tie it all up! Thanks tselmek!

Hello I would love to play your game on my youtube, I would love to do a playlist with all games from My First Game Jam: Winter 2017

Part #2!

I love the concept and want to see more! Fun game and very addictive! THANK YOU!

Hello I would love to put all the games from the My First Game Jam: Winter 2017 on my youtube and just wanted to ask you for permission!

And the last part!

part 2

This was amazing! Thank you I look forward to the full game!

This is a great game, cool idea. I like the awake and asleep part. Made a 3 pt series!

So are we allowed to make youtube videos? This looks awesome!

Short and sweet, GREAT GAME! I would love to see it extended with more of a detective feel.

Hello, Do you mind If I play this on my youtube?

This was really fun, great game. not to long and a great amount of suspense! Thank You!

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This was very cool!

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Short and sweet!

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Awesome game! I love that it can be played on a phone, great idea!

Do you mind If I play this on YouTube? I like to ask permission first!