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Sorry that was not my intention. Unfortunately I was a bit too fast. I try to avoid it in the future, by the way that was a small spoiler. Sorry again

0.26 only brings the dance cutscene. In the end, however, Yuu asks whether Shoichi can stay overnight at Yuu's home this weekend. Maybe WOTB will make a cliff hanger shortly before it starts, as he did with Jun in the last update and Shoichi after the lost final game. *grab Pickfork*

i think it will be in version 0.29! 0.26 Schoichi, 0.27 Keisuke, 0.28 Jun. August you see the CG's in the game. 

I'm a little bit confused the stories are all happening simultaneously, or? Jun day 14 is Shoichi after 6PM out of the house, but on day 14 of Shoichi his father gave him a curfew starting at 6PM. Is that a bit different, whether the MC is with Shoichi, or is it a mistake because Jun day 14 was first written?

I found it for 3 weeks. i check his Twitter Profile for Updates or Artworks.

June 16. use this link for More information, any other birthday is on the link somewere

In several scenes that happens. The best example is when you're with Jun at day ten. go with him in the teacups carousel.

Shoichi day 17 have a little mistake, before the competition start. Yuu say,, you spent an entire hour watching me help Shoichi practice the day we met,, to Jun. I did not go to Jun on the first day but directly home, a small mistake. use this.

you will not be disappointed. 3 days from Jun it gets very nice, little warning cliffhanger at the end.

I think WOTB is working on the story alone. 3 characters are enough if it's more character, suffers the depth of the characters what makes this game so good. But you never know what the future will bring when the 3 main characters are done.

I think that applies to all characters. Jun as a composer in Germany, Keisuke will likely be the CEO for the Certain Drama. You may have to choose an option. go, stay or find a compromise! I like to think about it as the story goes on, just like you. Only to let me surprise then by WOTB. There's a lot going on, Jun's illness, Keisuke Family / band trouble, and Shoichi and his father. That's what I think. WOTB Continue the love stories with his ideas, and we can only be surprised and enjoyed by him.

I have to say the game surprised me. The history and the environment are well implemented. The character graphics are very changeable when Jean suddenly loses the weapon or the helmet. Here and there are a few typos, but the game has very good points in terms of structure and characters. I hope Jean gets a little more attention I already like him. I am excited which way it will continue.

1. Refectory and my Office are swapped on the card at the computer.

2. If you do not give the necklace to Nikolai, there will be an error screen and if you press Ignore the scene is already over = 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/Map6.rpy", line 142, in script
Exception: Sayer 'Ni' is not defined.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/Map6.rpy", line 142, in script
  File "C:\Users\ERDAL\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 593, in execute
    who = eval_who(self.who, self.who_fast)
  File "C:\Users\ERDAL\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 509, in eval_who
    raise Exception("Sayer '%s' is not defined." % who.encode("utf-8"))
Exception: Sayer 'Ni' is not defined.

B101 0.1

I'm already looking forward to how it was implemented. I hope it ends well.

Jun is too precious for me.

Could be a little spoiler. that in the future it will happen to him during a competition.

I am looking forward to the next updates. I guess in Shoichi's story, the MC will visit his dad, maybe with his sister to find out what happened in the past. The MC can, as he says himself, hardly keep out of other matters.

If you're reading this WOTB the update is really good. The people at Patreon are also going up. This should confirm that everyone liked the update and the emotions.

Can someone please give me the name of the music Playing when sitting with JUN on day 10 in the train?

I set up PayPal yesterday, it automatically changes the currency according to the current rates. I did that to help WOTB with his great work here so that the story goes on. PayPal is free to set up! I came from Germany too.

WOTB I have a question

the feet of the character are they more animal like or human like?

should there be written -Hard time or heard time-? I think that is a tiny mistake. if I'm wrong I'm sorry

This is the sweetest thing I have seen so far. This confession is well written and my heart is still racing. I always play the scene now when I need a good mood. Thank you for this update. please keep it up.

I think Jun has medical problems. His parents support him and say nothing about it. In his character episode at the hospital, he says the bills worried him as Keisuke mentions it. Schoichi knows about Jun's problems.

Sorry for bad englisch

I'm sorry I can speak English very badly. forget the question from earlier, great work on the game and the characters and keep it up.

I have a question about Jun's (favorite) behavior, do you known one who is going through the same thing or does that come out of your mind?

I have to be honest I have somehow overlooked the development log. This is a little embarrassing for me now. thanks for the hint

I think the update from Keisuke is good and gives him more depth. Take your time calming down your personal problems, me and many others are happy if you are alright. I only wish I had an info what is added in the updates, if it does not make any circumstances? like a changelog.

WOTB. I love your game and Jun is very cute, I think great visual novels do not have NSFW the game is my favorite game ever got through all the story. I love the art and the character story and development. I hope the game continues for a long time.

Day 11. When you visit Keisukes class with Jun. the main character has weare a Tanktop and then his uniform again.

Hello WOTB I found a small bug with the Little Character portrait of the main character. how can I send you a screenshot with the error. in one he has a tank top and in the next his uniform.

Good day WOTB! I wanted to tell you that I think your game is great and your work you put in there. I'm looking forward to it as the story continues. Draw the characters the emotions that come along just great. This game is very standout from the mass of visual novels, I've played a lot. But none other than ,,Blackgate from Bane,, has captivated me as much as your game! Great performance WOTB!