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Have you installed all joystick required libraries? I don't know too much about Linux config, to be honest, but for my XBox 360 USB gamepad to work I had to look for some joystick / gamepad packages and install them. As said, we support Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) just because GameMaker allows it.

Mmmm, I don't know. This game works with almost all gamepads out there, and it also has rebindable controls. But I don't know about that Logitech gamepad, sorry. All my tests on Linux were made with a XBox 360 USB gamepad.

Yes, keys from 1 to 4 are quick access to some options for debugging purposes (1 = fullscreen, 2 = window size, 3 = smooth gfx, 4 = language).

Hey Uilson! Thank you very much for your support!

We have been recently talking about Bot Vice 2, and we have great new ideas for it. Anyway, we're currently working on a different game, an action-adventure platformer, which will be as fun as Bot Vice, of even more! Stay tuned.

Best regards!

I would recommend having only one version. At the moment, if you have both versions, the Steam saved data has priority. This means that everytime you launch the game on Steam, the DRM-Free version saved data will be replaced by the Steam saved data. It works that way because a DRM-Free version wasn't planned to begin with, so the saved file is the same for both versions. And, for now, I don't have time to rework the save system, sorry.

No, we aren't distributing Steam Keys anymore. You should decide which version you prefer: DRM-Free here on or the Steam version (available on Steam). Both versions will always have the same price, and we apply the same discounts in the same periods of time and dates. The Steam version is integrated with many Steam services, and usually receives updates and support first. Anyway, our games are quite stable now, they don't need too much maintenance. I hope that helps!


In two player mode, it doesn't matter which ball you hit. The only rule is that, if some ball is lost, both players get damaged. That's why we discarded having two different ball colors.

The length of boss battles is really a matter of strategy. There are endless regular enemies, so there are endless power ups, and some power ups make high damage. Also, you can hit bosses with their own projectiles. Xasmine battle has a trick: hit her with your attack AFTER she tries to hit you with the scythe, just a matter of timing. And Lord Vanik is the final boss, so... anyway, hit him with his own bats and you're done with the first part.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks for playing and for your support, very appreciated!