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Dwelling Plight

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Perfect, I loved having 2 endings as well!

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I really liked the way it panned out! It feels like a nicely contained experience but any additions would be welcome in my opinion.

Also I love streaming games like these if you would be okay with that? :)

Well I made it to the second room! Can't find much past that

I have to say - this was really, really fun! I never got to play PT but once you get into this after a minute you almost forget it's a point and click. I loved pretty much everything about this.

Loved this game! Controls were great too ;)

Awesome, awesome game. Really nailed a lot of things right with the pace and overall gameplay approach. Thanks for the game, I'll donate tomorrow when I get paid :) 

Check out my stream here:

Had a great time streaming this! Accidentally hit the Esc key so it's 2 parts. I got ending B.

Really enjoy the atmosphere and smoothness of the game so far! Definitely will be doing a video playthrough of this game :)