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Dweebus Maximus

A member registered May 18, 2021

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Hey! I'm back! I'm really enjoying the mobile version thus far! It runs like a charm, and is still just as fun as before! Keep up the great work, I wish you luck in any future projects.

I will do exactly that right this moment, thank you so so so much! I'll let you know how it runs!

Ouch, coming from the guy who played a country humans vn?


Seriously, I don't know how else to cover them

If you visit the farmhouse enough you get to see something about the farmer dude having an affair with another woman and she's pregnant or something, if that's what you're talking about

Would it be possible for you guys to come out with a mobile version? I'm loving the game!

I agree, the obsessiveness and selfishness of the Deer character made me wildly uncomfortable. The bear just had his day essentially shot, and has been living under excessive stress, guilt, and loathing, and yet the Deer prioritized his immediate irritation and sadness over giving a shit about someone he was just saying he loved moments earlier. I like the message at the end, with taking off the rose tinted glasses, but it doesn't overrule the discomfort throughout the rest of the game. I'm sorry about this drawn out complaining, but on the bright side, at least the game is causing an effect in it's players.


Is there no Yasahiro route? Or has it just not been released yet?

I wish I could understand 😩

Thank you! I made the comment before playing, but I finished it a couple days ago. I love this game, and I can't wait to see what's next!

Which route is the farthest in completion? Is Oscar the fan favorite?  And finally, are their multiple routes per character?

Does this count as a romance vn?

well, for one, they stick together a lot, and a bunch of bonus art I saw from this game on E6

Does Sidney have a crush on the big orange dog or vice versa?

Lovel dovel..?


I'm basically about to vomit information at you that may or may not make sense.

Echo is Euca's wish, depending on the route you take, he gets weaker and weaker, whatever we're doing is either straying away from the path to fulfilling our wish, or the opposite and getting closer, so he would just disappear when we complete it. However, it could also be that since he refused to tell us what we wished for, which means he's consciously trying to avoid fulfilling the wish. Side note, when taking Sissel's route, after rewinding time, your will to fix the past is strengthening, so shouldn't Echo get stronger? 

Remnant isn't just a wish away, he has ungodly strength, but we never really know why he is there to begin with, we don't even know who brought him into existence. That being said, he wouldn't haunt the main cast in particular if it had nothing to do with it, so is he a wish Euca had made with a full throttle will during a low in his life? Is he the result of a really fucked up Echo, after avoiding his whole purpose, and remained after Halley rewound time, who is he even linked to?

Everyone has a wish guardian in one way shape or form, Remnant isn't directly linked to anyone, all he's shown the desire for is utter chaos, or.. or the truth, he's also shown minute kindness in giving someone what they want, even if it isn't always the best thing for the person

wait what the fuck, I never saw that, the hanging part

No trouble uwu you aren't some robot, you got a life to live outside of your hobbies and the people that enjoy your work uwu

By demo, do you mean it's not finished? And that the finished version will be available later, or that there is a finished version somewhere else, and this is a taste of it

I'm willing to wait for however long until it's finished, I've already gone through my two favorite characters routes, or what there is for them anyways.. but I don't understand what the whole story is? What is a wish? Why do we no longer have a memory? have we been going through multiple timelines trying to accomplish our wishes?

Inarguably, relationship advice, if you don't choose that, Yuu isn't just uncomfortable, he's afraid. We've yet to see how Shoichi reacts in the future to either one 

Is it directly correlated though? Are there events that happen in smoke room that are part of ECHO's plot? Characters that appear from tsr in ECHO?

Does "standalone" mean that it has no correlation with the events of "ECHO"?

so.. you filled it?

Is it even possible to up the heart meter for Gil?

So like.. we gonna wake up? Ever?

So what you're saying is I was on the right course, up until I chose to be apologetic, rather than be firm.

Now I get what you mean by hyperspecific ;-;

Thank you so much by the way!

I was going down path C, which would likely result in him going down the path his father wants and being some corporate slave. So far, A seems to be the best, or B, since he could make those decisions himself.

At this point I'm confusing myself, the things I do for fictional characters 👀💧

I never thought I'd have to resort to this, but.. how do I get the best ending for Shoichi? 

To my knowledge, the path I was going on would be literally the worst to walk. What are the differences between them, as well?

The things I do for fictional characters, this will be on my conscience until I right my wrongs

Is there a route for Leo?

After reading the comments, I realize that I have fucked myself over greatly

Shoichi has different routes, which I never knew was a thing.

As much as I want to believe Yuu means what he said at the end of my route, I'm starting to doubt it

We already know he prefers easy outs in problems, and saying something he knew would make Shoichi happy just to avoid him being mad is definitely something I can see him doing.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the vn, now I know what I gotta do to clear the conscience, well, when it's finished anyway.