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I certainly didn't get all of the endings, I'm sure, but I got many - around twenty four or so - and the hours spent doing so were certainly worthwhile. I liked Esteban at first but Jo ended up absolutely stealing my heart.

Overall, it's an intriguing game with choices that genuinely feel like they have an impact on what follows. Thank you for giving us this experience. <3

worf and desmond are boyfriends, thanks for coming to my TEDtalk

*Some people are gay, Steven.

WOW, I relate to Min a lot. I'm a trans boy that went through all of the feelings Min displayed. The hatred for feminine clothing, the violence, the rebellion... My father is far too close to Min's, I'm afraid. I went through such a rough period, trying to find a balance between my attraction towards girls and my masculinity. I loved sports - baseball, actually. Basketball, too. Video games and "boy clothes." Identity was and is a struggle. To finally have a character in a game that I can identify with, that doesn't just get the easy and accepting road because most of us don't.. That's amazing.