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I only played one of the games in this but I really enjoyed it so far and will be checking the rest of them out !

The game is good but like the Demo I had a few issues with how dark the rooms were. I don't understand why sometimes id have a flashlight and other times I didn't . Maybe next game put in a brightness bar ? The first part was very similar to the demo and it was fun ( Love the funny dialog ) but the second part was very annoying . I am ok with having to find Keys but NOT in a HUGE MANSION with millions of locked doors and no guidance what so ever . This game took me about 3 hours to beat and I edited out most of it because it was just useless roaming around .   Overall though the game is good , graphics are pretty , environments and the story were unique . Its an awesome stepping stone into the world of making games and I look forward to watching you improve  !

This was the third game in the series and I still dont know where Valerie is!! This game had me on edge ! It's unlike any games i've played .Its very disturbing :) Loved it

I was a little confused at first with what I was supposed to be doing but after I realized it was a somewhat Looping game I loved it. I love the idea of driving and getting no where . This was just the pilot though so Im not sure what the actual game will be like but I enjoyed this and really looking forward to the full game!

This was a fun little Mickey Mouse horror game! The game was a little slow and repetitive but Mickey made it super creepy

This game was pretty interesting. Never heard of the creepy pasta Laughing Jack . I really like the black and white style. This game reminds me of how much I do not like Jack in the boxes . Your game is first and starts at 00:10

You can always count on SCP to make none scary objects scary lol . . This game was good . Took me a while to figure out the computer thing but thats just me being me . Great game! Your game is second and starts at 06:50 

I was a little hard on this game at first . The walking was soo slow . This game taught me that I should NEVER complain about not being able to sprint in games lol Great little horror game ! Your game is third and starts at 17:55

I am glad I came across this one because it was very fun. The story was your normal demon doll story but the ending did make me a little confused lol I still think I mightve got the bad ending .. if this game has different endings?? The jumpscares were great and the puzzles were not too easy but not difficult at all. . Overall its a fun, solid horror game!

Like any Emika games, The graphics were beautiful , jumpscares were great and the atmosphere was really creepy but this game felt like the story mightve been rushed a little . I was just a little confused with it all at the end. Overall very fun !

I have a few things I really like about the demo and a few things that could use some work. First is the story . I had no idea about The Guatemala Syphilis Experiment so I looked it up and learned some history from this game . Very sad history but I am glad that I now know about it ! That being said, I found myself giggling a lot with all the silly jumpscares . One or two can be great but with such a serious, sad premise for this game I feel like all the jumpscares adds a goofiness that should not be there. Either make it more of a light hearted story that isn't based on true events ., make it more of a comedy horror game or take out some of the jumpscares and fix the pacing ?

The graphics are good . The environment is good. Its a solid demo . I think with a lot of work and a little more story planning the full game will be very enjoyable ! Looking forward to seeing what this game becomes !

Very fun short game ! I had to get all endings ! Your game is first and starts at 00:10

The story was a little confusing and the ending did seemed rushed but was an interesting game . Pretty creepy ! Your game is second and starts at 06:18

 The first playthrough I was scared because I had no clue what was behind me but the second playthrough I realized that I wasnt in  real danger lol This game does have a lot of potential though ! your game is third and starts at 13:30

I saw screenshots for this game and I thought the artwork looked very interesting . This game has such a deep meaning for such a simple looking game . I feel like ALOT of people could relate to it !

This was a great backrooms game ! It is pretty short , the levels are simple and the end did feel a little rushed BUT for a free game its really good  . Overall I had a fun experience !

What a neat idea for a game!!

I think I am close to the end :) This is such a beautiful , crazy  game! 

I loved the look of this game . I do wish that there was more to do in it . Overall Its a solid short horror game though! Your game is third and starts at 17:12 

This was a cute little game . It had me on edge because im so use to being chased in games like this lol Is there a monster and I just didnt see it ?? Very cool little horror experience though!  I even liked the ending :) Your game is first and starts at 00:10

I played the game on steam ! 
The beginning was a little confusing but when I got past the intro the actual game was very interesting ! I love the cooking class idea at the start. I had no idea that I needed to run away and look around the house though lol The old lady wasnt hard to keep away from but I managed to run right into her lol A little buggy in some parts but very fun horror experience !! 

I played the demo and I remember that I really enjoyed it. The gameplay was good. The game itself was a little to dark in some places but I managed . Not a lot of scares but I do like the idea of the game.

I got two endings out of three . I would have continued to try to find the third one if they had saves . This game was very fun though ! Your game is second and starts at 05:45 

Interesting Mechanics not sure why we had to burn the naked elf but ok lol your game is third and starts at 19:36

This game was gifted to me  . I really liked the idea and it had me scared a couple of times. It did get a little repetitive though. I think there needs to be more stuff to find within the cave . Also its so easy to run out of things that you need to continue the game . Maybe the batteries should not run out so quickly . I went back into the game without recording to try to play it some more . This time I used the lighter more . The lighter runs out as well though! I never saw any monster ether. I am not sure how anyone could get through these caves . I ran out of light and had to just roam in the darkness until I froze to death. Very difficult game but I am sure a lot of people would like this challenge .Also, I think I was just lucky with not running into a monster. I read in the description that there is indeed a monster lol

This game started out pretty confusing . The scares didnt really get me that much because I was focused on trying to figure out what to do. Its a pretty game with good atmosphere . I am very curious to see what this game will become !

This game was sooo adorable !! The voice acting was perfect and the story just adds to everything. A very feel good game for the season :)

I dont know how I feel about this game lol It was very interesting . Loved the look of it and how odd everything was . Your game is third and starts at 09:40

I had to play through this game twice because I kept skipping the dialog . The ending did make me jump :) Your game is second and starts at 04:00

Very short game but fun and made me laugh :) Your game is first and starts at 00:16

This was a very promising Demo .I liked the jumpscares :) The kitchen was a little to dark . I don't know if I couldn't find the light switch or it was just supposed to be that dark but very difficult to see anything in there.  Overall really fun demo! Im looking forward to seeing what will become of this game !  

This game was pretty good. The twist at the end didnt surprise me but it was still good . Wish it had multiple endings!

When I saw this game I knew I wanted to try it out . It was shockingly difficult but fun and I loved all the little creepy stuff added in . Very fun !

I love the idea of this game . I do wish there was more scares in it but It had a good creepy atmosphere! Overall its a solid little horror game ! Your game is third and starts at 16:08 

This game was very interesting . The ending made me laugh :) Your game is second and starts at 09:40 

Took me a while to figure out what to do but after that it was a very fun exciting little game ! Your game is first and starts at 00:10

I was recommended Mr hopps games a while back and OMGosh this game was terrifying lol I do think the endings might have been bugged a little but I got all three !

This game caused so many emotions lol  This is the first part of chapter 1 . I will be posting the rest of the gameplay though !  Great game ! Cant wait till chapter 2

The Christmas update was awesome ! Shame on you guys for making me feel bad about Newt all over again !