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nice game man

would love to see the complete version

wow, just wow. absolutely amazing game. Never seen a more adorable death before absolutely loved the concept and the art style <3

nice game, I enjoyed it

really fun and educating game about game development, I wish I had played this game when I was in my game developer phase :(. But overall enjoyed this game a lot and learned a lot too. thanks for making it so good <3

damnnnnn, this game was so awesome. I loved the art style and the spooky vibe it had. keep up the good work!

such a nice and fun game, very simple easy to understand, cool art style overall just loved this game <3

damn bro nice game loved it

yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, super awesome game. It is really fun to look around in the comment section as people as given keys to play which is really amazing for people like me who has absolutely no idea how to play music. It is just really amazing game to play, combined with these amazing people giving notes in the comment section it got a whole lot better. <3

took me around 75 days with approx 1k gold, 2.5k residents and 600 smiles

really fun game :)

really amazing and chill game to get rid of some stress. thanks for making it :)

you may be doomed