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C'est n'es pas ma langue principale. Je pensais que j'avais besoin de pratique!

Haha, c'est très mignon!

Thank you so much!

I really love the characters in this one and I hope you revisit the story someday

Hoping they get the message 😞

This is fantastic. Looking forward to checking off each one of these this year 😌

In full respect of the fair and just process of becoming King I will allow any and all birds to challenge me for the crown. 

The only exception being for cassowaries which are more dinosaur than bird.

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Incredible game. A rollercoaster of emotions

Hey, I love this. It's so good! I like the prayer and little diagrams of the eyes are so cool. Great Zine!

Even so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You raise a valid point. Maybe try using a mirror? It might bounce the curse back at you.

Thank you. I'm glad you found it instructive 😌

This was soooo great. I'd love to read something else like it. Maybe a guide to Apple Quest Monsters 2

I think there's a typo on the gravity trigger for the adrift, I think it should say "whenever you trigger your +home clock from love,love,love" instead of "form love,love,love"

This is super cool. It's really well written and I like how it paints a picture through little vignettes.