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Thank you for the review and the video! You did great, maybe we should have made it more challenging. The suggestions are definitely good, we just didn't have time to develop this :/

Thank you very much for playing! The review is great :)

Thanks Flamez! You did well!

Thanks for reporting the bug! We'll fix it in the upcoming version.


Thanks a lot for the comments! We do work on an update, please feel free to add your ideas here:

Regarding the strategy with creating two combine nodes from a factory node, then connect one to the other - this is legit, it helps a lot and we use it all the time. Maybe we should include it in a tutorial.

I added everything to the trello board.

Thank you for the helpful comment! There should be ways to fix that. Nice work with high score!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your kind comment! Glad you liked the game.

Thank you! The post is to the point!

Thank you for making the video!

Thank you for the review!

Yes, we are going to develop it somehow. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your video!

Thank you Waldemar!

Hey, good job! We are thinking of some new puzzle elements to add.

The idea is really much simpler than its implementation. If you'd like to know specific details, please e-mail us. The Exit button (and a few more fixes) should be done soon.

Thank you for making the video!

Thank you very much! Let's see what will be the next theme, maybe you'll come up with a great idea.

That's a nice idea. We'll test it. Thank you!

Happy you liked the game!

Thank you for playing!