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This sounds great! How long do you expect till it is available to play?

Awesome, thanks

What exactly is affection used for? I can't figure out anything that requires it...or does it just boost your relationship stats?

Thats weird. Yeah, I got the visit right after I had posted here, lol, which is how I knew it was about fame, but I did not have the option before that at all. 

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Its really weird, cause that def. wasn't there before the summer holiday, which I literally just finished, lol. Does that only come up after?

Edit: Nvm, I guess its a fame thing, lol. 

I keep seeing it mentioned that you can leave the house at night, but I can't figure out how. Cant figure out how to leave the room in general really. Is there supposed to be an option for that?

Ahh, thank you!

How exactly do you feed them? I tried feeding a dog but they only barked and there weren't any options even though I had food. 

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How do you trigger Toru to become lovers? I'm maxed out the heart, and there is just a tiny bit of a star to fill in but I've spent every day with him and I can't figure it out. Do I need to do a particular date place or something?

Edit: Finally happened, I just spent every available moment with him, so I guess you just have to keep at it.