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Tried bootcamp?

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Best game. Just a bit too sensitive with joystick. Key mapping is confusing. Super optimized. Some bugs, normal for an alpha (some elements of HUD left after I died, or boxes too little for text, for example).

The little map bottom left is pretty unuseful. I'm never looking at it.

Could we get auto-tracking where camera is tracking target only under a certain angle from front?

I would like to see a "realistic" difficulty level where there is wind, landing for refueling and reloading, less missiles, less enemies and more allies, etc. We would also change controls beetween combat and flying (airbrakes, flaps, ggears, engines, etc.)

 Maybe aircraft carrier one day.

Beautiful with music.

AMD Athlon X4 880K 4.2GHz, MSI GTX 960 4gb Vram, 8gb ram, running high (60fps max graphics)