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thank you marco. will send all that over today. best, dust

hey again marco. the problem has happened again unfortunately. after i completed the first beach mission, the game closed. when i reopened the game, again as soon as the in game menu appeared the game closed again :/ i guess i can just keep deleting the datamanager.dat.file for now, but i hope this problem can be fixed properly soon!

yes marco :) it worked! thanks very much for your help and very quick response. youre the best! thanks again for the game, dust

also, i downloaded the demo to test (and play ;) ), and it works fine.

hi marco. thanks for the game! i bought the game on steam and am running it on my mac. the first time i played the game, it worked fine. i played a short survival mode for 10 minutes or so, then quit. but now everytime i open the game, 1 second after i reach the in-game main menu, the whole thing closes  :( i reinstalled the game but it still quits on me. there is no "application not responding" message, or crash report. hope we can fix this! thanks, dust