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it gives VCRUNTIME140_1.dll not found

nice mood.. nicely done.. I wish FPS game didn't give me a motion sickness.. also in-game menu wasn't working.. but I guess it was fixed in new build

the graphics, animations and music are amazing.. also the guard AI seems annoyingly good :)

Nice graphics and animations. I like how it interrupts at start to explain K button, but you have to find out that jumping is J on your own.. Stuck at level 2, no idea how to proceed there.. no hints or I'm too stupid..

Fun game. Takes some past experiences to finish it. Those green plasma balls at the beginning were annoying as hell.. killed dozens of aliens..

Cool game, the idea is really sound and well done. The art is lovely and music is like from some epic movie. I was hoping to have some chat with some sheep or actually do some 'digging' and investigating.. 

Also collider for sheep feels too big (capsule?), maybe circle (feet) would be enough - I got stuck a lot.

That is some bold theme you picked.. The graphics is nicely done