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Fun game! I love the concept. The limitless play is fun but another mode with an end goal would be nice (e.g. beat a certain score on the leaderboard, beat a final boss using abilities, collect 10 bonus hearts, etc)

A colorbomb notification and it isn't an April Fools joke this time! 

I loved this one even more than Trace. The characters are so cute and the art style is incredible. Thank you for making another amazing game. 

I got so happy when I saw a notification for a new colorbomb game. Well played lol

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I've played a lot of puzzle escape games over the past 15+ years (Kotorinosu, Kaitai Dismantlement, Rusty Lake/Cube, Scriptwelder, Myst, Skutnik's Submachine series, etc) and this game is one of the best I've ever played. I loved the creativity, the variety, and the cleverness of each puzzle. Really excellent work. Thank you for making it and sharing it.

Great ending! Found all shuttles, I think (Unless there's a super secret sixth one).

Very fun puzzle game! I tried to get minimum score:

Level 1-10: 47, 27, 32, 35, 82, 46, 107, 64, 108, 46

Level 11-20: 97, 105, 60, 114, 80, 41, 119, 101, 104, 107

Level 21-30: 120, 144, 155, 132, 95, 172, 142, 92, 156, 186

Total: 2916

Curious to know what the optimal scores are.

Worked fine for me on Chrome/macOS. Very creative escape game! Puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty for me. I've played a bunch of room escape games and never seen anything like this style. Please make more!

Just finished playing and this was pretty enjoyable. Not too easy, not too hard. 

I agree with some of the other comments here. The boxes felt excessive and completely irrelevant to the puzzles, so at the start of each level, I just pushed all the boxes into the nearest hole before starting the actual puzzle. 

I really like the concept a lot and I wish more levels expanded on the red door game mechanic (e.g breaking apart the keys and reordering them for different yellow doors to unlock different paths/sections of the map in the same level). Would definitely love to play more levels of this puzzle game. Great job!

Finally got 16/16.  Lots of trial and error.  Had to test each one individually on separate runs.

Took me a while to realize the basis for the patterns changes: blue and purple levels are simple visual patterns, the yellow levels are mathematical patterns. I felt clever once I realized that on the prime number pattern.

Fun and very intuitive. Played it twice and realized that the rules are revealed in the same order as their precedence (size>shade>shape). Also the sequence is never left to right, preventing me as a player from haphazardly solving it and moving on without having understood the rule.