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beautiful game! the interactions are so clicky and satisfying, the concept is cool and the tension is real!

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ok so, I joined the jam but didn't have enough time to finish my submission.

Still I was curious about the entries this month and like, we had the same idea! haha
My game is (was? still is?) called "The City of Roem Is Sinking". I came to this idea of water rising since I was having a lot of conflict with the jam theme being "survive" at first all I could think of was violence or horror and I don't want to design violent or stressful experiences for people (only love, sharing, discovery, wisdom, ALCHEMICAL TRANSF---!! ok, you get it)...
Then for some reason I started singing this silly song in my head about how the city of rome was sinking (to later find out that it actually is!), and thought it'd be simple enough to let you roam the city, looking for flowers or fruit as an offering to Saint Azucena (a statue on a plaza at the top of the city) to ask this statue to stop the city from sinking.

oc one week was not enough to finish this, but i got pretty close so i feel inclined to keep going (which is, at the end, the purpose of the jam being fulfilled).

Congrats on actually finishing and submitting on time! :)

btw i'm tobi on the jam's discord.

loved it!

what's the magic word?