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Such a good game :D It really leans into the idea of memories being suggestible, how we just fill in the gaps to the best of our ability. The constant repeating of "please come home," and the reveal that this person was nearby the entire time... it makes it hard to believe the most "reasonable" explanations after that

I'm glad to live in a world where a yume nikki fangame about being a punk wolf girl exists. The sprite animations have a ton ofpersonality and the backgrounds are just gorgeous ^.^

The werewolf scene in the skull butterfly area especially stands out as both spooky and kind of sweet. 

These are a nice base to figure out pixel size and details for rpg maker. Thanks!

That's adorable, good job!!

Short and sweet and sad. My favorite characters were definitely the women who made sure everyone had water, the old one who believes it is a test, and the one in the poncho who always had enough sardines to share. The thick lines and the black and white colors are very soothing

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My only criticism is that the bullets shot by the cannons don't give you a game over. It would be more challenging if they did. BUT this game is adorable and I'm having a lot of fun going through the levels!!

good for them

Thank you!

It's a neat concept! The wide scope of options makes the story itself wishy-washy, all the demo really covers is meeting two kids and going to class. The selling point is the wide array of ways you can make your insert character feel more like you. It's a nice bit of escapism and the art is gorgeous

I fell in love with this game when I watched a playthrough 2 years ago. I'm so excited to experience the sequel myself. Congratulations and thank you on a perfect birthday gift >:3

I'm on Macbook and the cake doesn't spawn for me :( unfortunately, I'm just going to need to find a playthrough 

The fun is infinite because the elevator goes on forever

A game where you try to end your life with a plastic fork. 10/10 I turned on the text to speech to make it funny

Nice little story! I wish that the bad ends were a bit less repetitive but I understand that this isn't meant to be super ambitious. I also like the way that the sprite shifts as you wiggle your mouse.

There's definitely something going on between her and the wolf girl. 

I saw a playthrough of the first VN a few years ago, super excited for where you take this story! I should definitely play the first game myself sometime soon.

Glad to hear! ^.^

I've actually just started reading your webcomic recently! I'm planning to try out your games ^.^ Yes, nomnomnami's stuff is so lovely! I didn't realize they were part of this project at first, but it makes sense with the artsyle.

I do plan to share this game with my friends! And would you mind if I possibly made fanart?

Delora is fantastic <3 <3

I hope I can send you some support someday soon! Unfortunately, I've gotta conserve my cash right now.  I found the other endings through trial and error!

 The last ending really hit me! :0 No spoilers of course! It was such a sudden contrast from the rest of the game, and at first I was scared it was going to be clique. I think you did a nice job with it though! It definitely was existential, but I was happy that it didn't completely abandon the themes of the game. The hopeful twist was much appreciated and there are a lot of ways to interpret why it happens. Wishing the best for Cici *tearful emote*

I look forward to exploring more of your stuff and hopefully I can send you tips when things get better ;^; I know how much work goes into these things because I've been trying to figure out renpy myself hahaha

This demo is extremely charming! The designs are great and I'd love to know more about this mysterious world you've set up if you ever revisit this concept. Looking forward to seeing what else this team has put out!

I adore this game!! Currently at 19 endings out of 23 and stumped on how to get the last four. I'm excited to figure them out though.

For a free game, you're spoiled with a lot of freedom! I think choosing not to have dialogue options was a smart choice, because it's more fun to explore each of Cici's interests and see how you can balance them.

One of those games that leaves you wanting more. It's so fun seeing all the different background mermaid designs and learning more about their culture. I wish the game had a bit more time to let you explore different parts of their town! I'd love to see this setting revisited someday. 

Especially neat is how gardening works, with the anemone's being judged based on the shape and the types of fish living inside them. I wish the gardening route had more cool anemone facts! It's inspired me to look them up myself though!

I disagree with other reviews I've seen about Angie's route. She reeks of tortured artist, so I can understand why that's off-putting to some people. There's nothing like a deadline to make you go, "dang, what am I doing with my life??" It's understandable that she's going through a rough patch the month before a major art competition. Her dialogue comes off as casual rather than infantile to me.

Maybe I'm biased because her sprites are so damn pretty >.<

The dreamer ending was much appreciated since I'm in a similar spot. You gotta figure out your dreams before you can chase them! It's bittersweet that she hasn't found a steady passion yet, but with her peppy disposition, you know she's going to bounce back 10x stronger for the next year.

Delora is best girl. Thx xoxo

Im so excite... fond memories of farming the prologue while on vacation. Grinded everyone to the highest possible level just to see what would happen (for anyone curious, nothing special. but you feel good :)). Looking forward to seeing our little suffering hero suffer some more!

I like the conflict between you and your visitor, both needing to confront each other in this whole interaction. If you face the visitor, comply to its request, it chickens out and vanishes on you. It's only when you refuse to comply that the visitor gets bold enough to face its own fear. Which doesn't go well. 

A fantastic asmr experiance. 10/10, it's fun exploring the different options

baa baba baaa

I had such a hard time with the clock puzzle, despite the answer being hidden in plain sight ;^;

I love the characters' dynamics with each other and am dying to know the mystery of what happened to their mentor. As is it's a wonderful, self contained experience <3

Loved it so much. You do such a good job of foreshadowing things about the characters, and revealing them in a natural way. It's so nice seeing representation portrayed in such a kind, hopeful way.

the most necessary application on my computer. -a pleased customer who is not a goose

Those sumo wrestlers are the most supportive people ive ever met. So happy when you get your handshake

I already know I'm going to love this

Me too hehe! Teal or green

Worth the money

Definitely cheesy, but it keeps the charm of the original! All the new designs are super cute. Loved getting more growth from Tanaka and Miho; despite the zaniness of this series, they have complexity to them! You can really sympathize with them lol

I wish there was a little more time dedicated to Tanaka, parts of this background are really interesting but just get handwaved. But I understand that you had to keep the project small, we're already spoiled with all these super unique bad endings.

It's a crime that this is free (not that I'm complaining)! The art style is really pretty and consistent. I love how each character has different eyebrows. 

Really cute! I enjoyed getting my results... I may be guilty of playing it again to see if they would change :P