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Here is the splits file:

Here is the splits file:

The ini file does indeed controls the settings, provided that the settings have been implemented, which many have not been in the mac version.  The windows version has everything implemented, including the ability to edit split files.  I also actively maintain it.  It runs great in WINE; I use Linux so I run it in WINE, and have tested it.

When are you trying to save your best splits?  It should save them automatically if the option for auto-save best splits is set, if that exists in the mac port.  I don't have a mac, so I am unable to test.  Hotkey options don't exist yet, as well as a number of settings.

Here is the splits file:

As far as I know, no work has been done on the Mac version for some time, and I haven't heard from Eric for some time.

You can put whatever splits you want in the file, there are no limits.  Send me a list of the splits that would would like and I will create a file for it.

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I posted the corrected file in the other thread.

For reference to anyone else with this happening, the first time column is reserved for the best splits, and is stored as the elapsed time for the individual split only.  The last column is the one used as the best run, which is stored as the run time.  

You can optionally insert columns in-between which are comparison splits used as information only, and is not modifed by a best run.  They are also stored as the run time.  An example for this is when you want to compare your best run against a world record.  You put the WR in the middle column and your best run in the last.  When you are running, you can see how the current run compares to both your best run and the WR.

Here is the split file:

That part of the customization has not been implemented yet on the Mac version.

(If you want, you can run the Windows version through WINE to have all features, and use it until the features are available on the Mac version.)

After Time Split Tracker opens, you have to load a split file (otherwise you can use it as a simple timer).  There are example split files as a template, or you can post your splits here and I will make a file for you. 

There are settings to adjust the height and width that are set separately.  In the ini or preference file, there should be a section for window settings.  It should be the lines under the line that is


There are bunch of settings, but these are relevant to what you need:
HeaderColumnWidth sets the width of the split name column.
DataColumnWidth sets the width of the remainder of the rows.  
HeaderColsHeight  sets the height of the column header line.
RowHeight sets the height of the rows for the splits.

I think these settings are enabled in the Mac version.  I am the programmer for the Windows/WINE version, so I am going on how it should work.

It appears that the format of the downloaded file from is incorrect.  I have emailed them about this issue.

For now you can fix this by adding a second column for the best run (just add a tab and type "best run" in the header row).  The first column is used to store the best individual splits.  You can also tell me what file you are downloading and I can fix it manually.

Here is the split file:

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Here is the split file:

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Here is the split file:

Can you upload the file so I can see what is going wrong?

You're welcome.

For future reference (for others searching the threads), it is not a formatting issue.  The times in the best splits column are stored as each split's duration, but the times in the best run column (and comparison run columns) are stored as the actual run time at each split.

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Ah, you need another column after best splits for the best overall run.  Time Split Tracker requires that because its primary feature is tracking the best run's splits.  Without that column, the best splits column is being treated as a best run.

Can you provide the splits file that you used with Time Split Tracker before you did your run (and also afterward, which might be helpful to have the save try to fix the format)?  It sounds like it may have been in an incorrect format.  Also, what did you use to export the file for use with Time Split Tracker?  I wonder if the export process is faulty.

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Here is the split file:

The link from before had an incorrect file. I have replaced the link with a correct version.

Global hotkeys has not yet been implemented.

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Here is the split file:

I'm not familiar with splits for Link to the Past.  Can you point to (and preferably make a list of) the splits for the category?

Yes.  Please tell me what splits you want (and also if you have a current best run with those splits) tell me what they are and I will create a file for you.

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Here is the split file:

I believe those features (and many other settings from the ini file) have not yet been implemented for this version.  I cannot verify it since I do not develop this version (and cannot run it).

The image folder (or any folder) is not a requirement.  The path seems correct (it is based off the location of the program file, not the splits file), but I would want to verify that the split file is formatted correctly.  The image path should be the first column in the second line of each split.

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Here is the split file:

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Here is the split file:

I can certainly help you create a split file if you would like.  The file is what defines and stores the splits and their times, so it is essential to have a file that has the splits for the run you are doing.  There are sample split files that come with Time Split Tracker.

Another way to set up the split file if you have WINE installed is to get the Windows version (or just borrow someones windows machine for a bit) and use it to edit the splits within the program. I hope this feature will be added to the Mac version soon.

Here is the section from the manual about the format of the split file:

File Format for Splits File: The files Time Split Tracker uses are tab delimited, so it is easily to modify this in a spreadsheet program. Just save it as a tab delimited.

The first line is the info for the file. Its first column is the total number of attempts for the splits. The second column is the TimeOffset; the amount of time (can be negative) to offset the timer's starting time from zero. The third column is the path and filename for the image for the splits file. This is relative to the split file's location. This is what is displayed next to the splits' title.

The next line has the headers for the columns. The first column is the title for the splits. The second column is "Best Splits" which will be overwritten by the program since it is a reserved column. The remainder of the columns are for the comparison splits.

The remainder of the lines are in pairs and have the split data. The first line in the pair is the time data for the split. The first column is the split name, and the remainder are the times for the split, except the best split which is the elapsed time. The format must be in h:mm:ss.zz (zz is the hundredths of the second) or it will not be recognized properly. The number of time data must match the number of headers. The second line in the pair is the row's image file and the split notes. The first column is the path and filename of the image for the split. This is relative to the split file's location. The rest of the columns are the notes for each time in the split. Note that in a text editor/spreadsheet, a tab must be entered as |t and a return as a |n since the characters normally would break the file format. These show up normally in the the notes editing in Time Split Tracker.

You need to unzip the download into a folder which can be put anywhere you like, that is the installation process for Time Split Tracker.  The next step after opening Time Split Tracker is to open one of your split files (command-O should do it, or you can do that from the menu).  The default mode of the program is a timer without any splits. 

The commands to use the timer should be in the splits menu (it is in the windows version, and the operation should be the same for the two versions) but you hit space to start the timer and go to the next split, hit P to pause and resume the timer, R to reset the timer, K to skip a split, and backspace to undo a split.  They key commands are also listed in the ini file, and are customizable, though I don't know if the mac version has implemented that yet.

The mac version of Time Split Tracker does not yet have in-program split file editing.  The second post in this thread is the file format copied from the manual.  Alternatively, if you have another computer (or dual-boot) with windows, or if you have WINE, you can use the windows version to edit the split file.  To create a split file you copy one of the templates and edit it.  Or if you want to post the info for the splits, I will post back the data for the split file.

The next step after opening Time Split Tracker is to open one of your split files to use (command-O should do it, or you can do that from the menu).  The default mode of the program is a timer without any splits.

You copy the folder to a location of your choosing (which will unzip) and run it from there.  No installer is necessary.

It is now fixed, so there should be an update real soon; I already updated the windows version. So the reason for the odd bug is that there is a minor difference in how the compilers handle things, which is why I didn't see it occurring.

We are still looking into this issue. This is a very odd case because the code is failing in one case and not in another case.

Hmm, Eric will have to look at this since this seems to only occur on the Mac side. I finished fixing the code for the decimal part of time strings and have sent it to Eric, as well as my conjecture about this issue.

Also, what happens when you start the timer? Does the timer count from -2.02 or does it jump to other number and then count from there? Just trying to make sense on what is going on.

It should work for now if you set the offset string to -2.50 It is assuming that 2.5 is 2.05 because of they way it is padding. But I will fix this since it is on my part of the code, and is occurring on the Windows version as well.

In the Window section of the ini file, the parameters MaxWidth and MaxHeight define the size limit for the screen's horizontal and vertical, respectively. So for your purposes, increasing the MaxHeight will show more splits on the screen.