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Indeed that is what it was.  Here is the corrected splits file:

More than likely you don't have enough columns.  The second column is reserved for best splits, and the following columns are for comparison splits (optional), but the last column is the Best Run.  So there is a minimum of 3 columns to make everything work.  If you want to send me the file, I can fix it for you.

Here is the splits file:

Global hotkeys have not been implemented yet.

Here is the split file:

Here is the splits file:

You have to tell me what splits you want, that is the name that you use for each split.  I will make the file for you.

Here is the splits file:

Not sure why they were not included in this, but you can get the other files by downloading the windows version of this:  They are the same files as would be used here (although not all of the settings in the ini file have been implemented).  Unfortunately Eric has been away for a long time so that is the only way to get the files right now.

Here is the splits file:

Here is the splits file:

The timer program or hotkeys(which unfortunately have not yet been implemented)?

You have to load up a splits file first.  If you need help getting one made, let me know.

I believe the Mac adds that menu automatically, which is largely unused by Time Split Tracker.  I wonder if that is why others are confused as well, at least until editing splits gets added to the Mac version.

Here is the splits file:

The first thing you have to do is load a splits file, then you can start the timer.  If you need help making a splits file, let me know.

Here is the splits file:

Tell me what splits you want and I will make it for you.

Tell me what splits you want and I will make it for you.

Yes you put the splits file in the same folder as the program.  Just to ensure that the formatting is correct since this message board eats white space, here is the split file:  Let me know if you have any other questions.

The developer of the mac port has been AFK for a long time so it may be time to find another to work on it.

If you can install WINE you can use the windows version, which I maintain, which is fully featured.  That is what I did back in the day. 

Another option is to install WINE and run the windows version.  That is what I did way back when, even when I was the one developing the mac version.

The one in charge of the mac port has been absent for a very long time.  It may be time to have someone else working on it.  There are many features that are missing compared to the windows version, which is what I maintain.

It has not been implemented yet.

OK, then the file as you have it is correct.  Everything will save where it is supposed to and work as expected.

And yes you can open the file in the spreadsheet program so you can see the columns better.  Make sure to save any changes into a tab delimited format.

I'm also curious if using slash instead of backslash in the image path made it work.

I modified the Megaman 2 splits with images, and can confirm that the images work with the setup that you gave me.  I used the jpg because the windows version does not support png.  I wonder if Mac wants forward slashes instead of backslashes in the path, so images/fla.jpg instead of images\fla.jpg  It wouldn't hurt to try it both ways.

The way the ff6 splits file is set up, the column with the completed times is being used as a comparison alongside your best run which is the column to the right of it.  This is the feature that caused me to write Time Split Tracker back in 2010.  I wanted to compare the current run to both my best run and the then WR.  If instead you want to use those splits as your best run, remove the column to the right so that you are not using any comparison splits.  The rightmost column is the one that will save if you get a best run, compared to it.  The columns to the left of it except the first are comparisons, which are optional.  The leftmost column is reserved for the best individual splits.

The ini file (Time Split Tracker.ini) should be in the same folder as Time Split Tracker program.  Also not all of the settings have been implemented in the mac version.

Sure, I can make a zip file with the proper file structure.  One other thing to check is if it possible that Time Split Tracker is unable to read that jpg file format.  Can you try reading a png file?  I wish Eric was here to tell us if there are file format restrictions.

There are settings in the ini file that control window heights and widths, but I can't remember what has been implemented yet on the mac version.  But I can set it up with the windows version and see what settings work on the mac version.  I assume you want to have all the splits showing on the screen?

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Oh right, Eric didn't pack those in the zip.  There are sample files from my zip on the windows version that you can use are in the original post of this thread.  Here is the link:

The text file needs to be outside of the images folder.

If you use the examples that come with the program, do they show the images?   images/fla.jpg means that there should be a folder called images in the same folder as the splits, and that fla.jpg needs to be inside that folder.

Also you need to add another column after the Best Splits that is the Best Run.  Best Splits is for the best individual split times, Best Run is for the splits of the best run.  Otherwise it will  never save the best run.

You can specify whatever path you want.   The easiest way is to use something similar to the example images/blue.png which will use blue.png from inside the images folder that is located in the same folder where the splits file is.   I believe if you put ~/ at the start of the path will use the Home folder and you can use folders off of there.

I'm not sure what file formats for the images can be used.  You will have to play around with that.  I think it will autosize, but I am not sure, and I am unable to test any of this, but again try it and see. 

You would have to tell me what splits you want.

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Here is the splits file:

Here is the splits file:

I need to know how many splits you want, and what you want each split called.

Sorry for the delayed response.  I never got the email notification.

Global hotkeys has not yet been implemented, nor has editing hotkeys.  Development has slowed to a crawl.

OBS should be able to detect any open window, and I haven't heard anyone else complain about this.

The only hack I can think of for the background is have an image in OBS underneath Time Split Tracker that has a transparency.

Hopefully the rest of the features can be implemented soon, if Eric comes back, or if someone else wants to help with this version.

Here is the splits file:

Here is the splits file:

Here is the split file: