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Posted in I'm dumb

The next step after opening Time Split Tracker is to open one of your split files to use (command-O should do it, or you can do that from the menu).  The default mode of the program is a timer without any splits.

Posted in I'm dumb

You copy the folder to a location of your choosing (which will unzip) and run it from there.  No installer is necessary.

Posted in TimeOffset

It is now fixed, so there should be an update real soon; I already updated the windows version. So the reason for the odd bug is that there is a minor difference in how the compilers handle things, which is why I didn't see it occurring.

Posted in TimeOffset

We are still looking into this issue. This is a very odd case because the code is failing in one case and not in another case.

Posted in TimeOffset

Hmm, Eric will have to look at this since this seems to only occur on the Mac side. I finished fixing the code for the decimal part of time strings and have sent it to Eric, as well as my conjecture about this issue.

Also, what happens when you start the timer? Does the timer count from -2.02 or does it jump to other number and then count from there? Just trying to make sense on what is going on.

Posted in TimeOffset

It should work for now if you set the offset string to -2.50 It is assuming that 2.5 is 2.05 because of they way it is padding. But I will fix this since it is on my part of the code, and is occurring on the Windows version as well.

Posted in Help Setting Up

In the Window section of the ini file, the parameters MaxWidth and MaxHeight define the size limit for the screen's horizontal and vertical, respectively. So for your purposes, increasing the MaxHeight will show more splits on the screen.

I too would like to know in case the Windows version is affected by this as well. Can you point to a run where this is claimed to occur?

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One way that you can edit the splits file within TST is to use the Windows version under WINE (just for the editing). It has been implemented in that version.

If you are uploading it directly to the split.io (I guess you would be since uploading that inside TST wouldn't be added yet on this version) then I would ask someone over there about that. I didn't see a selector for the format so I would assume it would be guessing.

Global hotkeys have not been implemented yet, but is on the todo list.


Eric, has the FooterHeight and FooterWidth from the Window section of the ini file been implemented yet? Those add additional height and width, respectively, to the window after the size of the window is determined from the splits, which has the effect of stretching the window. Also, because this is a setting, it is persistent across sessions.

Posted in Help Setting Up

Do you mean how to set up the split file? I can certainly help you with that. I checked the download, and the manual was not included in there. The manual is available in the download for the Windows version, but here is the section on how the format is defined:


File Format for Splits File:
The files Time Split Tracker uses are tab delimited, so it is easily to modify this in a spreadsheet program. Just save it as a tab delimited.

The first line is the info for the file. Its first column is the total number of attempts for the splits. The second column is the TimeOffset; the amount of time (can be negative) to offset the timer's starting time from zero. The third column is the path and filename for the image for the splits file. This is relative to the split file's location. This is what is displayed next to the splits' title.

The next line has the headers for the columns. The first column is the title for the splits. The second column is "Best Splits" which will be overwritten by the program since it is a reserved column. The remainder of the columns are for the comparison splits.

The remainder of the lines are in pairs and have the split data. The first line in the pair is the time data for the split. The first column is the split name, and the remainder are the times for the split, except the best split which is the elapsed time.
The format must be in h:mm:ss.zz (zz is the hundredths of the second) or it will not be recognized properly. The number of time data must match the number of headers.

The second line in the pair is the row's image file and the split notes. The first column is the path and filename of the image for the split. This is relative to the split file's location.
The rest of the columns are the notes for each time in the split. Note that in a text editor/spreadsheet, a tab must be entered as |t and a return as a |n since the characters normally would break the file format. These show up normally in the the notes editing in Time Split Tracker.


Hopefully that will help you. If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them, which I can use to help enhance the manual. Also if you want, I can set up the split file up for you if you tell me what you need. I have done this for others in the past.

Another easy way to set up the split file if you have WINE installed is to get the Windows version and use it to edit the splits within the program. I hope this feature will be added to the Mac version soon, because it makes things so much easier.

I apologize for not seeing this post earlier. I have to remember to check the discussion every so often because I don't get notifications for new topics.