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I couldn't do it. I've played an ungodly amount of horror games but this was too much for me. Bravo game makers!

Thank you for the game!

Little update: They're fine but we're holding a grudge on you for scaring m

That was SUPER unique and I LOVED it!! Great job!!

I freakin love this! The story was great, it was so smooth, and it clearly had time and effort put into it. If there's ever more I will definitely play!

I had an AWESOME time playing this game! Great game! Really got me in the end lol. Be sure to subscribe!

Great concept! But could use a little more story. Not bad tho! Definitely scared me a few times lol

There was so much hype for me to play this game and I'm glad I did! That was an outstanding game for only 10 days! Well done!

For a game made completely with free assets, that was solid!!

I don't know where to start. This game is incomparable. Nothing beats it. Not a single game. This is the greatest horror game I've ever played. And you can see on my channel that I've been through quite a few of those lol

Despite being buggy and lacking music, this game was SUPER spooky! I loved it! You could go so far with this concept imo

For having no description, I'd call this game pretty dang good lol

I was busy so I scheduled it and pasted the link here before it went up because I wouldn't be able to do it when the video went public. You should be able to see it now if you'd like!

Everything came together greatly. Really good game! Not over-the-top scaring off your nutsack scary but still very good!

I play a lot of these indie games but this one really impressed me. It's so simple but I got so hooked on it lol.

wholesome?? lmao

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Wow thanks lol

Not gonna lie, I enjoyed that more than I thought I would lol

That was a fantastic game! I definitely enjoyed it!

It was SO GOOD but there's no way to beat it! Being stuck in a maze just repeatedly dying gets old after the 5th death when you're doing everything right and not winning.

That....... was unique to say the least lol. Decent game

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I'd leave a review but if you skip to 12:05 you can see what I think lol.

10/10 would flush again

Not gonna lie, I expected a lot more from this game. It's more than I could ever do though.

I loved it! Very short and very few dinosaurs but it was a very respectable game for just a single developer! Keep it up!

I have a hard time believing you made this in just 10 days. That was solid!

That could've been SO GOOD but it was SO SHORT. I feel like I got screwed a little.

Oh my god that was scary. I loved the mechanics of it!

That was one of the most random and scary games I've played. Well done!

Very good. Very very good. Almost peed a few times lol