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Straight forward and well made! Well done!

Best part was definitely the wailing in the woods. Sent chills through me.

Enemies didnt make a whole lot of sense though.

Well done all together! Good game!

Definitely better than the last one you sent me…. Glad you can take it on the chin and improve. There’s work to be done, but great job improving!

SOLID atmosphere. Kept me on my toes the entire game waiting for something to happen, knowing there’s something out there to look for. We gotta work on the end though lol

Thank you for sending me your game!

I'm going to be blunt and honest with you just like you asked, so hopefully you can take it on the chin and run with it.

That was not great, but considering how it's better than anything I can make, and I did jump once or twice, it was good. I appreciated the atmosphere and sound design of picking up items, as well as being able to pick up a few things to explore.

With that said, it still wasn't great. Throwing in AI PNGs and blasting random sounds at times to try and catch you off guard has literally nothing to do with the game or experience. You can do better, take more time polishing the game and customizing it to be your own unique project.

Well I'm glad that you're glad!

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That was surprisingly better than I thought. It got me.

I had to apologize to my fiance for screaming so much

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I’m praying the creator of the game is open to genuine reviews and is able to take it on the chin or with a grain of salt.

I feel a bit lied to about this game.  You’d think you’d be shouting for your dog the entire game using your own microphone,  but that wasn’t the case at all. Only the last bit of it shows use of your microphone and even then, it felt like it didn’t matter or have any use at all.

I’ll keep the rest to myself in favor of not posting any more spoilers….

Great Game! Sad I couldn't be loud playing it lol bad circumstances. Good work!

I like it! Keep it up!!!! Only thing I could wish for is a bit of a faster pace

oh thank god. I appreciate that, soothes my soul finally.

I think I need an ending explanation lol

I’m genuinely impressed! I never play interrogation horror games but this definitely opened up my eyes! Thank you

i love the concept so much but the mechanics are so much harder than they need to be lol. So much potential! Keep at it!

that was something I’ve never played anything like before and it was genuinely intriguing!

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Commentary playthrough because I can't stay quiet for very long.... at all

This isn’t a rage game but I got so mad by the end of it because reasons completely in my control lmao. Great game!

Good game! Can be improved on, slightly predictable but very well designed! Also that keyboard layout was something I'd never seen before


I turned a 15 minute game into 50 minutes. Learning ins and outs was hard but very good game of course!

VERY VERY well made!! Had calf cramps from being tense the entire time.

Bring back Whitewatt!!

I didn’t expect it, but this gave me the biggest jumpscare on my channel yet. It was clipped and I am rightfully embarrassed lol. Thank you! Well done!

I was so upset if took me that long, I was unbelievably paranoid lol well done

Best game of all time. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Need more levels

Everyone’s scared. You’re scared, she’s scared, he’s scared, the people watching are scared, I’m not. I’m frustrated lol this is aggravating! But good lord very very well done!!

That intro scene was SO CLEAN. That set up a perfect story for the game, but there are many bugs I had to work to get past. Very good cover though!

That was a mighty unique game! Wish there were more out there with the same concept!

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can confirm chonker dolphin is not a lie, see picture of dolphin below 

This is mint. So simple and dumb I love it lol. Imagine a full game built just like this

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This opened the door to the entire SCP community to me. And boy did it set the tone.

No problem! I appreciate you watching!

I didn’t have the highest hopes going in, but I was very surprised with how enjoyable the game is

Dude a game where you’re an alien in a tiny submarine evading undead dolphin whale things? That’s just immaculate

Twas a very good looking game! You could build something really special off of this!

VERY very well made! Definitely has me shaking a bit!

Good game. Love the process and creativity behind it!