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can confirm this game is funny

fair enough, you are a busy guy! Thank you for answering my dumb question :)

Hello, I saw a while back you were working on NPCs and such on Twitter. Is this still the plan?

very cool game, I had lots of fun with it. 

*chef kiss*

wow amazing job!

I looked around the files and I think it might be part of Olivia Horror Effects and the TV static effect. 

It may be something with that and my computer. I'm going to try it on my gaming PC and see if it works. If so, if might just not work properly on older laptops.


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Playing around a bit more.... when the "Attack effects" options is on in the menu, the game is super zoomed out. Turning it off lets the map look normal, but nothing effects that battles. 

Never encountered anything like this in RPG maker beforeLOL

I get a weird bug where all of the battle screens are SUPER zoomed in. This used to happen to the whole game? but then i restarted the game and now its only occuring in the battles.

I can't really see any of the enemies because its so zoomed it. Makes it hard to tell what craft to use because I can't see their hands.

Doesn't seem like anyone else has encountered this so...idk?

well you’ve got my follow :)

These are really clean and great! I'd love to see more medieval type stuff :P

Great work, and keep it up!

THIs tool is so fun to use. Thank you.

Is it possible to share the color palette you used with here?