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Such a lovely game! It was a very cozy ride getting to know Button Bit, her friends, and the cute little town she lives in. The artwork is absolutely adorable and so soft, I especially loved the expressive character sprites and animations! It's obvious how much love you have for your characters, I loved seeing all the extra art you've drawn of them on your art blog, too. I had a good time playing it and I recorded my playthrough:

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I really love how surreal yet relaxing this game is! I was quite impressed and intrigued by the music, sound design, dialogue, and level design. Also, I love train stations and exploration games, so it really hit the spot! Thank-you kindly for making such a unique game (and for making it available for free)! I recorded a video of me playing, too:

This is such a sweet little game! I really enjoyed the cute characters, charming pixel art, and relaxing tone. :> I recorded a video of me playing it (I couldn't help but try to voice the characters, too):