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Dungeonn: Chapter I community · Created a new topic Parte 2

parte 2

Parte 1:

No worries. I read you are learning still developing. It will be fine at soon. I recommend to you or your scriptwriter read some about tales from Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft and Franz Kafka, George Orwell and the argentino Jorge Luis Borges. Movies like White Zombie (1932) that you find in youtube, Dead Evil, The Night Of Living Dead and The Return Of Living Dead.  So pay attention in the narratives and dialogues. But with list and smartphone ignore them and the game runs properly.

. . . Linux version :/  . . .

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Good enough. I would prefer if this one hadn't any mentions like " Missing people"  in an old newspaper. It would turn off the uttermost mysterious  would vanish here. If that report wasn't mention it would seems a creepypasta as those videos 333.333.333. But yes, it was enjoyable enough. Thanks for sharer. The game is pretty interesting, atmosphere and some child alone until that hour at dead night. The player asks themselves who would allow this kind absurd. But the "old News Paper" reporting some disappearance might to do some people close the game there. I almost close, many developers are doing that and it became cliche and boring. But okay above I just suggest it.  A quiet game would be better. Self exploitation.

Great, the game is second one.

Great as ever. First one.

Yes, I didn't change anything even to watch until the game runs properly. It's an old and weak laptop so its means to me this game is pretty good running. If the player have since weak and old machine until gamer machine they will can enjoy a lot. Oh one thing, catch the modules and codes made as a model to next games to compare effects if something goes wrong. I congrats to you because you are one of rarely developer that makes games to linux through the Windows (or Mac?) without errors. Generally above 90% promise Linux version and not runs always forget some details. Maybe the Windows system running game engines supress in compile the conversion to shell scripting (linux) convert into wine (W[ine] I[s] N[ot] E[mulator]) interpreter. And about glitches i don't care, I really enjoy I just care about if it was a BUG (unplayble glitch or corrupted code). I am not US american, don't worry. I'm south american so we are much more tolerant and less 'fresh' people.   ;)

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Don't worry with these kids. US ... the came to an indie game expecting a AAA entrepreneur or industry. May US generation Z is numb and dumb more than they were at their spawn.

Thanks for share this one either, buddy! I laughter so much as I died twice. I love it! Video:  

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Soon as possible I shall bring a video about. I will record, edit and render video to upload for Youtube and put here.

Thanks for share.

Linux version. Another one pretty good. I got one more to try. Great work, thanks for share it with us. Second game:

Interesting. Linux version was played. In future would be more neat if you could put on setup menu some more features like mouse sensitive. I had some issues about it. I would liked apply more sensitive turn left and rightside. But, over all, it very good and thank you for share this game either. First game:

Interesting. Thank you for share it with us. I enjoyed.

Nice one. I didn't finished yet. But it brought a nostalgic sense of survive, thanks for share and I'll keep an eye in other games yours.

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Thanks for share this game. Oh, Eviel Dead is amazing. I grew up watch movies like that. I born in 1980, so you can imagine. hahaha Thanks, I following you to know your whereabouts and your projects. May be I trainning a bit to make a proper evacuation. Then I bring here to you. Let me know about you and your project buddy. Sorry about my poor and broken english. Hugs from Brazil, pal.

Thanks you for share you made a good game and light to runs. I would await hiking on the expanded Passerby world, buddy. Let me know if it happens.    ;)     <3

I just said he changed shelf by shelter we speak  brazilian portuguese. The words seems familiar so he could change and translated one by another. I just point it. Shelf for us (brazilians) is 'estante' and shalter is 'abrigo' he just told changed. hahahaha

My description:

For those who like Darkwood mixed with No More Room In Hell. Can you survive until 4 am? Trying to use a randomly assigned evacuation point.? And still playing under the old top-down mechanics with mouse and independent directional keys? Under stock shifts and low recovery? Then you will like TUHMA RAATO.

What does means in finnish TUHMA RAATO?

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A suggest:

Okay it's running on Linux-wine. Okay, how can I do to select and equip the knife? The colour of menu to teach you is obfuscated by background the dark-red colour is harmonic but kept mixture and we barely see the info. Are many zombies so soon we began it could be annoying or boring someone. Let the player at least feeling the first 15 minutes to leap over into the atmosphere, and when they embraced the game shoot a plenty zombies and some tasks would be good. Over all the game is very beautiful left shift-keyboard and wasd movement pressed to sprint tire a little bit, also we need control aim selector (collector) with right hand in mouse cursor. If do you do just one tap in shift to run and other to back to walk? Soon as possible video comes.  This game will work.

Whoa! Cool dude. Following you here to keep an eye in your projects. Then you say the old zombies? Those appeared on movies like The Night Of Living Dead and The Return Of Living Dead? Cool the uncle dumpsterProductions downloading, I haven't many subscribers but I will talk to professionals youtubers that I watch in their comments about this one. I will try runs in wine (not the drink) interpreter windows programs to Linux. Almost all games runs I hope I could bring up here a video about. Game arrived. Okay. If runs I bring so soon as possible.

Cara, bacana ver outro brazuka por aqui, grande! Já vou te seguir e de vez em quando o tio aqui (43 anos) pinta nos seus comentários para batermos um papo. Uma satisfação te conhecer Leonardo! Dá uma olhada, quando puderes, em Dead Frontier 2, na steam. E marcamos uma pareceria em coop lá.   ;)

Yes, short but significant message. The man is the wolf for own man. As said the great Thomas Hobbes.

Estante é shelf. Shelter é abrigo, grande.

Hi, the old one is in the description. This is the new demo about No Players Online. I appreciated this one either. But the old, classic No Players Online ( on video description) is harder to solve the puzzles.

Hi, the old one is in the description. This is the new demo about No Players Online. I appreciated this one either. But the old, classic No Players Online ( on video description) is harder to solve the puzzles.

Great game, as ever! I unfortunately lost some audio log regards what happened with his daughter and wife, but okay at very ending we can figured out more or less what happened. 10/10 and 5 stars! Super recommended.

Interesting. Sorry about blank screen sometimes, I thought it was the Time Lapse (Missing Time) in game (laugh). However I liked to much. It happened because some DLL isn't released for my interpreter (wine) to run windows game to Linux OS. But keep chill, I appreciated to much it that it isn't any issue to me buddy.

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I'll bring a video today or tomorrow. I guess today still. I liked so as others coming from you, pal. Thanks to share this one either. I rate 5 stars, super recommended.

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under SKILLS you have small buttons on left, click for choose, also, i update today link to browser version, its premeiere ov next update

My man, I was pausing my work and I really want try your fanmade of Fallout. But the TAG SKILL at rightside just non move from 3 points by default. I was trying a stealth character, but ...    :(  I was in Linux version, my system.

No Mobile Players Online here dude!

Sorry so late Feline Frenzy. If you using Linux type                                    unzip -x One\ Player\ No\ Online.apk       

I appreciated so much this game, then I will try some other made by you buddy. Is it okay? Five stars is fair for my experience. Thanks for share.

Thank you for share! I enjoyed a lots.

Cool!!! It would be a success. Alas it will be good to players figure out easily.   :) I never play Fallout. Sorry for my numb setup. Now I saw Tag below the Skill box. hehehehehe Listen, the game package wants install Edge Browser, it is use some library from Microsoft Edge? I was installing at wine (Wine Is Not Emulator) interpreter, but in Firefox it would runs properly, yes? So if I download maybe I could decline . . . yes?

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Oh, okay. I'll spent more time, I just was trying  overseen. Thanks, ah I suggest to you put in page this link. I like experiment in web browser before download. I guess have some people would like to do the same. It help us avoid some surprise spoiled.  Because before I download I watch some others playing. But it rather that playing some minutes and decide to download without reveal the surprise.   Thanks for your time to attention. If I can play I will bring a video, friend.