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Vale pegar esse na Steam. Mas bom, jogo parceiro. Sucesso.

Last part:

cool game:

I didn't record the demo. But I recorded full official released - The portuguese title says in Part 1(P1): The Best Backrooms. Really? The last part I'll release tonight, then I bring here. The major enemy is not the "Parasite Entity" that controls Timmy, for me at least, and (but yes I mean) the Orange Man (ghost) who lure Timmy for you and unveil your hidden spot. hahahaha Nice game, I wish more like that buddy! Congratulations, each cents paid in this game pays itself at playing through, tho :

Amazing game. The title in Part 1 (P1) at the portuguese language says: The Best Backrooms. Really?

Man, where is the linux version? This game have just one MacOs directory. Okay. Seems good watching bellow playing, but if it have at least to windows I could try runs throungh wine-staging. Thanks. ;)

Okay, the idea is promisor, but the launcher might be easier to understand. This game coop with puzzles and riddles would cool. Take a look in Backrooms - The Lore, if you had same launcher but with this idea and storyline it would be one most of the best Backrooms games. Sorry about my broken and awful english. Have a good fortune buddy and successful in this project. :)

Alright, so far so good. I will check this error report. if I can fix it here I'll bring my gameplay

Hey, where is the start button? The images in right side seems so good, but ... oh, okay, error report.

Thank you, buddy I will keep going up publish your games. You know you have your own dedicated playlists on my channel. 

No worries. We are here to do it, ideas and suggests. Cool, next playable video about Backrooms - The Lore I will put on description the homepage. Nice to meet you, buddy.

Oh, you are kind, and you deserve to have games played by everyone. Great experience. I will redo DM 2. Now I guess I will be more patient to bring down one by one of those guards. hehehe Thank you, you are pretty friendly either.

It is a promisor game.

Oh, I will. Nice game, buddy. Thanks for share this one. I wish great successfull, you could sell items into the game to fund and for you by the work. I thought for example, if you do some gas area, a simple mask which we purchase by chips endure us for 60 seconds, but doing it decrease our level (strength) to combat  (simple gas mask - Levels) and profit gas mas without decrease levels but the players would pay some money for example ( quality gas mask = $4.50). And you would do other things like club  or other melee to buy in a "store cabin" , heatvision glass to see through the walls, nightvision to see into gloomy  spots (and darkness), noise meter gear to hear our own steps and something moving around, UV flashlight to some arrows or some kind hints and clues and etc. You could catch some fund to project and some for yourself. Maglite for sell (used to melee and flashlight) UV maglite and due maglite (common beacon and UV beacon). Well, it is a just suggestion, buddy. ;) Yes, I will paste in your board.

I appreciated this game. Congrats. Here it goes:

Dude, your games are become my thumbnails' cards to subscribers and non-subscribers. I think the guys are liking to known about your games. Look, soon (uploading) coming Vall:

Oh, this game is a promisor:

hahahaha No way. I play it step by step. It's amazing I share the videos with the pages on description a sci-fi group that I follow and chat. They are liking your work there, buddy. Let's show them. ;)

Yes, I downloaded all Year's saga. hahahaha Pretty cool, it remember to me a few some of Haydee's platform but without use the arms to climb up some points. Cool. As soon as possible I bring my attempts in chapter 3. I pretty enjoy this one. Congrats, the game is amazing.

Man, I loved this game! I did tell even this game would be a DLC in mostly webstores, a plenty worth game! The controls even under interpreter on weak laptop was a delight to move and the actions responses is pretty well optimized. Great! May be we have a couple months of ReveVoodoo Studios' later I will write some in blog.

Here it goes:

Vall is before or after NECROCAGE events? I thought to interrupt this playthrough to recall VALL's story and return to NECROCAGE. Man, I am so glad to play good stuff! And still chit-chat with the autor. Awesome game, congratulations and thanks for share marvellous things. <3

Yes, I thought it later. The annoucement was given in newpaper at "My Eyes Inside Out 2". I agree.

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Yes, she is pretty cool and great. Yes, I was drink some coffee (and cigarettes obviously) and I thought - may be that idle guard doesn't turn around because I should need to kill everyone like a trigger to the others guards. I thought like a murder, "I shall keep some guards alive because they aren't bother me, and I would have some sort of alibis to decrease my guilt in case of law court. if you know what I mean. hahahaha This is might be a second ending. keep it in mind, - murder all and you are single guilt; but murder a lot of them left some alive, your guilt could be reduced, at least in Brazil. The guards who was in murderous scene was the main suspect and you, oh you could show yourself like a victim, a little smart girl who wants survive.

I glad to watch, you are kind and awesome player. :)

Oh, I really appreciate. I reading at down time the Sprawn Trilogy. Neuromancer, Monalisa Overdrive and Count Zero from Willian Gibson! hahahaha I would apprecate test it. :)

Thanks miss Meeka Nomicon. I watch your gameplay and learnt that we might to sneak through the other side to get the first fork. :)

Its cool a lot, dude. I guess I gotcha! I watch the Meeka Nomicon's video. She is cool producer, my man. Then I got it: the idle guard at the upper floor does not see you through his corner eyes. I thought he would smash me if I would sneak there ... hahahaha. Here first place, deserve my  congrats, buddy. It's second attempt mine:

I hope you can see. This is weird, at first time the youtube allowed the video, now the video is partiality public.

Here it goes. I hope you understand Why I couldn't complete this marvellous game:

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Cool. Nice. Okay, just approach sneaking around and f key. Thanks, buddy.Oh, yes this one, Necrocage my "eyes grow up at this one" telling in brazilian portuguese expression. hahahaha Man, this is sci-fi, yeah? Cool, I will try interpretating through the winehq. :D <3 Seems a cyberpunk style, lovely.

But is 'F' key? Like Dismember Mind 1? There no show how I can do this, I just thought at sneak, open doors to stay far from them a few times and when they sought I really die. hahahaha

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Yes, the game is perfect "Dismember Mind 2" but have a 2 adversaries stood up (upper floor and ground floor) in front of exit door and faced to windows in last barrack room (bedroom) is our trouble. I will record this chapter. I don't know what to do, no distraction-attraction objects to use to "call them" a little few far of these spots. For example, Manhunt 2, Metal Gear Solid: knocking against wall or where ever you (player) are to attract them for you sneak around while them will check out the sound. Thief and Dark Mod could be used as well, take some glowing objects like forks, plates, cups and throw away from you where you want they go at hear that objects fallen, barrow to you the possibility to sneak quickly before they turn for their previous spot (Idle guards). And the guard at least could be so fast as player character, if else we can't evade. They pound us is "hit-kill", no chances to do anything, hide or sneak even run away far from them we can. But is okay, I will record, I felt flaws in it, well I will wait to becomes night without noise and I will record to show how I playing this one. But I liked and Dismember Mind 3, I appreciate but I had a issue in push-button at 25 jail into the prison. The button aside the cell door sometimes stuck and we can reach the number just those two opposite side push-buttons keep working. Well, I love chat here. I am eager to silence time here to do it. I did study both, cool I loved the purpose just some fixes and It will be kisses in our heart. See, if you want, Manhunt and Thief in my channel, have some stealth, there you see what I mean. Thanks for the beautiful game, the story is amazing, pretty cool and sad (a drama). I read that on new at My Eyes Inside Out 2, pretty cool this mix of context. It remind to me Silent Hill 2 and 3, there used to put on game something newspapers would be sense in another franchise game. Nice idea, super approved and recommended !!! <3

Exemple: <

> And we have others to inspire, in "Jogos Incompletos" that will keep going the second replayed (Manhunt2), but I had finished in channel 2 (PS2 - PCSX2) feel free to query there, buddy. <3

Here it goes. In 2 needs to create a Distractions/Attractions elements to lure to walk away the idle adversaries, that 2 will be unconcluded, unfortunately. :(    

I love it. Just I felt like . . . let's use an expression - Did you imagine you, tasting a delicious meal, and some odd happens and you cannot finish you delicious meal, . . . a bird shit fall into your meal, for example. You look to your plate and think - Jeez Luise! Why! Why it happens just to me!!! This one was SO great! Christ choose another one to prank! hahahahha . Also so more or less it I felt. hahahahaha ;)  But I loved because it I idle stand in front cam like that face. hahahahaha

Neat! I will love it brother! How are you doing? Soon as possible will begin The Dismember Mind, if runs properly. I ain't open the compacts packs yet. But I think it shall runs properly. I hope so. Then i bring here how I see the game and how I play them. ;) Hugs, buddy from Haase.

[description translated by google from potuguese-br]

Desafortunadamente, para mí, no pude terminarlo debido a un bloqueo del juego al final.Aunque, creo que solo fui yo o unos pocos que esto sucedió.Porque vi a otros productores de videos independientes, en la página de ReveVoodoo,y terminaron con éxito. El juego, por lo que vi al final, es muy superior a Nirvana's Grace. La arte está bien hecho, el acabado con filtros granulados de películas antiguas cayó demasiado bien. El modelo de personaje es segundo después de Nirvana's Grace, que es maravilloso. Los modelos del oponentes y la jugabilidad son admirables. Todo funcionaría perfectamente, si no fuera por el descanso final, para mí. Pero, como he dicho antes y lo diré de nuevo, aparentemente solo fui yo, con los demás, todo va junto y es fantásticamente excelente.

El juego tiene una jugabilidad deliciosa, digo: es divertido de jugar, controles receptivos y sin demoras ni muchos cuellos de botella. vale la pena la experiencia. Pero desafortunadamente no terminé - vide video.

Cool, I use a laptop. A weak laptop, but if I would use a windows nor cards games runs out here. Linux revitalize our machines. Nice idea, I would love to try test in my tiny computer some linux versions. ;)

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Yes, I running your games through wine. You can show to Steam if you want and put your games in Proton Steam. I need download games from Steam through Virtual Machine (I use Gnome Boxes)  under fake Windows 10 (ISO) and I catch the DLLs and extensions, upload compressed to my drive and soon I download on Linux and prepare a "bottle of Wine". hahaha .Wine is not emulator. The recursive acronym is it, (W=wine, I=is, N=not, E=emulator), it is an interpreter. Yes I use wine for games in Unity and Unreal, in Godot engine, if have for linux I launch in native. Oh, don't worrie, buddy. We still have Insanity Soul to do. I downloading ... already came! Insanity Souls version 1.2.7. It is your month, dude! <3  Wine works thus: wine decompaling (debug) C# at mono-gecko and translate to shell scripting and run like shell. For example: Compiler works around to "depackage" (debugging) some C# scripts to assembly boolean microcodes to assembler inner processor read and write both (execute). But linux not read in C# or other language compiled, just shell scripting (seemingly old language C) and transform them (codes) in C# in !# (shell script), then later (quickly) goes to Unix Kernel and them like Posix is trasformed to binary boolean (assembly language) and or system can execute (read and write). Thanks to share marvelous things.  

Here it goes, friend:

Ahora yo aviste, you descargue la version 1.0.0 . Entonces descargo la version 1.2.7? Debe ser la actual, no? Voy descargar la version 1.2.7, Gracias ReveVoodoo. Cuando tenir algun tiempo y se desear oje "Torrente" es un juego de 2012, pero los graficos son agradables, es un multiplayer pero creo que le gustara es gratuito. Cuando use le cochillo en las paredes mi ocorreo en la miente, castellano ... Torrente las personas usabam ese truque, un jugador dije al dev de Torrente e el dev dije al jugador: "Eres asi mismo, las cochillas son tambien para las paredes." Solo tiene Torrente en español (castellano). ;)

A mi tambien me encantó, "Insanity Souls". Pero no se que version eres, la cinematica esta funcionando muy bien, amigo. El problema esta cuando yo me voy andar, sacar el teléfono con linterna o en desepero tento golpear con estilete pero nada sali, solo me quedo congelado e la luz sali se quedando abajo en direcciòn al piso. Ya llegará el capitulo tres de "My Eyes Inside Out".

Cool, thank you share this one. i will begin study the chapter 3, now. Ah, excuse me, that new "Dismembered Mind - Trilogy" is it the same "Dismembered Mind" Chapters One, Two and Three or that's a new content? I got already those three chapters. Oh, once more thing, in the "insanity Souls (Chapter One)", I had some ... let's fetch a proper word ...  issues, I guess. 1) romper las paredes con el cochillo es algo ordianrio al juego o eres algun tipo de bug o cheat, como en Torrent Online, donde puedemos romper las paredes y ventanas con el cochillo tambien. 2) Cuando estoy testando sin grabador el juego funciona corretamiente pero cuando yo hago uso del grabador (OBS) el juego siempre rompe despues de la puerta cinco. Aiunque yo reempezo en checkpoit la personage mantienese sin nengun movimiento. Eso eres asi miesmo? Perdoneme por el malo castellano. Pero yo deseo conocer al todos los posibles idiomas latinos. Gracias desde ya. Mi ex-novia eres bolivina residiente en Argentina. Entonces yo puedo hablar un poquitito del castillano. ;)