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Interesting, this one remember to me 'The Walk':

Thanks to share this game. I appreciated it. I recommend. Here it goes:


Excuse me, I ever read all comments and watch gamers playthrough either. Might I help you, Karantiin as well. If it runs in weak laptop as mine. It will runs in almost linux desktop. And sorry again to invade the Argent Arcent comments. :)

Thanks to your reply. I really appreciated your game and your feedback about winehq. Well, you're pretty right. I'm mean your can answer for others who says, sometimes ;  - "Do you have this version for linux? I would like try. ", here it is. Use the winehq in your linux distro, dude, I have pretty sure the game will runs very fine!  Dumpster used in Lubuntu 20.04 into a laptop and runs. Of course it will runs in your setup.  ;) Nice to meet you, buddy! You deserve best regards, you're very kind! <3

Here it goes. I appreciated to much. I shall really stay tuned what we'll have in Openworld:

Sorry about OBS frame rate - KARANTIIN V2.0

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<3 You both will have a plenty successful! I'm really sure that. Thanks to share this amazing and wonderful little masterpiece. <3

Good game. Congratulations and I wish successful for you two both. My video description:

A stealth survival horror game by Cozy Studio. The game is pretty good, at all. But some level design needs to be fixed. Since we go to inside the "Journalism Classroom", if the developers intend to do a final version to webstores, the protagonist character player shouldn't return through the front door without any challenge, but if definitive version to sell have three difficulties mode, this one ought to be the "newbie" mode. The normal mode needs more challenges like both doors and hallways under entity patrol. In hard mode, the healing inhale pump would be just one (1 inhale pump) per level. Well that I was thinking. I loved the entity. This one is pretty fun and burlesque as well. I liked that idea the heat flash from his head spotlight burns the protagonist character. Fun, pretty stealth horror game. Its a promise, have good potentials. I recommend a lot. 

Linux Version Video Playthrough

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Here it goes. It is a "Kraftwerk" (it sounds a new wave group musicians hahaha). Okay, serious now: Operating system - lubuntu Linux (Light Ubuntu) 20.04, 8GB RAM (7,7 GB at truth) architecture x86_64(64 BIT), a  weak laptop + OBS recorder; motherboard processor intel core i5-825ou; Integrated Card (embedded onboard GPU) Intel UHD Graphics 620 (as called either GT2); resolution 1366x768 (game itself 1360x768):

Polymerikum full game P1

Polymerikum P2

Polymerikum P3

As soon as possible I'll come back here and bring last three parts for a weak laptop linux version 2. Bugs wasn't found just some unsignificants glitches, the story line is super interesting. I super recommend this game to linux users, at least. Thanks from Brazil to Germany to share this little masterpiece. we have a plenty references like SCP, The Backrooms, movies like "The Red House" from Hitchcock and other else. Congratulations, mister Rod Randomberger. At soon upcoming links to P4, P5 and P6 (The End ?).

Polymerikum P4

Polymerikum P5

Polymerikum - The End

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Hi, Red (Rod). I already played your demo version. So I am here again. I liked a lot this improvements. Yes, all puzzles was great. But I couldn't solve the last puzzle at dark guard site. Well, I' editing all parts, however, I guess I missed something or there haven't enough data to solve that puzzle. Just in end of site documentations "(...) look close." about these three waves. I thought: " look closer for what? That display setting up behind the antenna configured by us; is that?" Well, I will continue trying, but have a quite few information or data like a hint or clue. I expected in third empty room outside Babsyhaus' car crashed find out some whiteboard  striped with a few data. Maybe there in camping on chamber's cave I expecting see some helpful data to setup the antennas to catch the dark guard. No "We got it. You need combine (how superposition waves?) all three phases. Just LOOK CLOSE". Look closer for what, look closer where? Well, I will bring when upload to Rumble the video about it (sorry the video is in portuguese), but you watching you will uncover what I have hard to understand. The is pretty cool, I loved the rivals modeling, the creepy atmosphere and the 80's environment, no bugs, the story line is flawless, the intern (or ex trainee) I suspect he is us ( the toxicological expert) because that ending task notes (brought my mind back to beginning informations), I appreciated a lot the previous puzzles and I appreciated actually all game, level design and etc. Just mess me up that antenna tower and oscilloscopes puzzles. I'll bring my video at soon as I can. It would be easier to understand what I mean. Thank you by the way for the game. This one is a promise, a little masterpiece from thriller and psychological horror. Congratulations! Greetings from Brazil. Best regards, Sam. 

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Amazing, this game led me to think in Outlast, a little bit.

1984: Lilith's Curse [demo]

Cool idea. Great. Nice, thanks to share it. And is good to know about the keep branding in games. Thanks I entering in this world ( games development) and I didn't think is. Yes! You're pretty sure, now I got it, yes. Even owner from tile comes and see him/her image into some game without his/her logo or branding the developer could have some trouble. Yes, thanks I never though about it, you have reason. I waiting your new art. I really appreciated this one, I've sure the other will great either. Thanks to explain my doubts. You are pretty kind and have a big talent! <3

Interesting. I like it a lot. I just suggest one thing - Try take off the invisible collisions walls, let the player plays as wish, just if them income out of right path, take the enemy chance to get them making us flee. Other one, try so not get tiles textures inside the iStock visit page, just save from thumbnail, so the branding wont exposure in game (at the final part) ;) However, at all is really good! Is that true that your mum ever fear about shopping under stalked? hahahaha Here it goes my list Congratulations and forgive me the bad english.

hahaha Don't worrie, buddy. I love it. Thanks to share this little masterpiece.  :D

Here. Greetings from Brazil:

President Bolsonaro or Toilet Head

And final, I guess:


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Part 2:

Part 2

HPS1, to me, is very reference in horror games experiences like a short cult movies, but here is more ominous, because we are IN the narrative. Congratulations by the art, story and the narrative focus each game. I love it. Soon enough comes the second and third parts. Here it goes the first one:

Part 1

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This is good, I launched by winehq. Image is a little bit dirt but I liked it. At once dirt I prefer this.

Cool, nice game. I pretty appreciated this one. Congratulations. I following you to peek some your news projects. ;)

Your game Here:

3rd game

Your game here:

1st game

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Yet, but the winehq is approaching the native dlls and phyX. I was reading about it right now. How to import Windows dlls and library onto .wine/ directory. I guess my weak hardware not allow something, but wine-stable not allow any of the UE4,  that require dotnet Frameworks and this cancel dlls in stable version. Thanks to reply I like to chat with you. Although I guess in few time ahead we will runs properly UE4 and others. I have another issue I studying - some games have a "movie" into assets like TVs, for example, and these sometimes take us a hint or password hint (I trying fix in The Mental Hospital: Child Of Evil), there e need use some VHS tapes, and these implements doesn't run properly, some stay white screen others black screen, I hopefully this is a issue in iso game. Because the time playing keep in 00:00 time, since I play the tapes .

Man, I like you expression, it's really seems mine as well. kkkk. Because it I not record with facecam, I shy. hehehehe You gain more friend subscribed! I will love watch your games video producing. Nice. :)

Here it goes. This "underground" suck me in twice. In red wall place and here:

I called "The Crashed Ending - Error 404" kkkk

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Good, some crashes (T3) but at all is running fine. Here the short play. Soon as possible I upload the long (in other channel and other platform). 

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Nice to meet you buddy. You are kind as well. I liked to chat with you. I am poor oldman but I confess I want see your art conceptions on sell. You deserve the best things. Here the long playing channel and your own list :D

MonoYellow Madness List

Nice. Yeah, I had some stuttering when I was under chase. But I guess because my hardware is weak (in laptop), the heat increased working, and to turn sides was hard, but I liked. The floor is different? Man, I liked those "glitched floor" in my version. I tried to guide by floor (dark green and lightening green) and by molds. hahahaha I always thought "I reach some molds, right next part we getting into darkness". I didn't understand why I touch in blood stain? Jeez, I thought when I pressed 'E' in fresh blood stain "Oh my! We're already dead!Of course, we are stinking blood now, the entity pretty sure can smell fresh blood!" The blue screen. Is it the entity teleporting?  Well, I loved, your concept of Backrooms is far most elegant, most fancy of them all. I will bring more. I found a abyss! hahahaahaha Jesus I thought that was the exit!   :~D kkkkkkkkk I adore it!

Here, the Linux config. All linux users know it, perhaps. But if you need to show to Steam when you offer Monoyellow  Madness there, you can show to add also in Steam Proton (linux). They have a great wine mod there, if it runs here, there much better. This is my short channel:

Buddy, this is THE BEST Backrooms I have seen. I will love shoot many try gladly. I will try to bring to you at this morning. The link is from odysee. Itch page don't make to that platform a thumbnail playable. I think I can understood. I was idle hidden in corner, but the entity was breaking many things around, so the screen turn with and I thought that happened because I was too close the entity and within dreadful I began temporally unconscious, walked unconscious and when I came back I was near the hid spot, but no exactly at same place. I appreciated. You deserve offer your excellent game art and challenge to some web store. Your profit doing this game is flawless, congratulations! I will record right now. I ask you: "Should I make how runs your game (intro) in linux?" I think it would serve to show another linux users and some web shop the game runs properly to both system - Windows and Linux. The Steam web store like this, because they can offer the game in Steam and Proton. ;) Nice to meet you. I love conception, It remind to me a SCP Containment Breach a little bit. It lovely.

Buddy, your Backroom conception is the best backroom I found. I had a just little trouble to fix the mouse sensitivity. I tried to down sensitivity and when I tap "remember my choice" ( I guess), that keep too sensitivity.  The door escape or windows.  Are that the white glass windows? I will record, my laptop is weak, so with record together maybe we miss some frames.  I usingLinux to runs, may be it would be low my record. But deserve, I liked a lot. I supper recommend.  I love that jump mechanic in some low-walls, it save me sometimes. I want know once more about.  May I ask you? What happens when we keep ourselves hidden, come to me a white screen and I reappear few minutes later in same place, but not exactly in same spot. Why it happens? Is it some "retry" or something like that or a partial wins? Well, I told to much. It's a very positive thing. Because if I didn't like, I would just say: "Okay. Playable. Here it goes" e video linked below. Congratulations, 5 stars. You deserve go to Steam, GOG, Epic Games and much others web stores. 5 stars. I will sleep a bit. As soon as possible I'll bring a video. Sorry, my native language is portuguese. AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it a kind of SCP-087-B specimens? Creepy, it seems to me a sort of mix between Backrooms into SCP-087. Here it goes.

Thanks to share this kind stuff. I voting now. ;)

Hi buddy! I have a single ask: That glows latter "P" in the title is a pun, isn't ? sleePeels? " I need you dig deeper and deeper, said the doctor from prison, it under sleep therapy. At ending, they reach and confirmed him confession. He murdered his father with a fishing hook, or something like that. Amazing. 5 stars to keep going more experiences like that. Here it goes my video:

SLEEP in Linux

Dois anos depois - REPLAYED Pretty good, game as ever. Porque falar em inglês, descobri há pouco que não preciso aqui. Após dois anos jogado pela primeira vez.

This one under winehq-staging(v7.0.0). The single wine tried untill now runs properly UE4 on Linux.

Video Runnig your game in UE4 on Linux

Runned under winehq-staging (v7.0.0)

Use winehq-staging (version 7.0.0) I'll upload soon. This winehq (v7.0.0) can run UE4.

Brasileiros? A pergunta é para colocar a bandeirinha, se forem, no vídeo. Pretendo fazer, mas veremos se o wine vai interpretar esse para o linux. ;)

Vou voltar a jogar o Kardiossomatic. Mais um jogo bom, como sempre. Parabéns.

Video - Linux - winehq-staging (v7.0.0) roda UE4

Use winehq-staging (v7.0.0) I got through that wine. The stable version does not run UE4. I'll upload video playing on that wine-staging.