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A member registered Mar 25, 2017

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In this update6, Troop's are still walking through the wall's like a Ghost !

Experimental Version

AW !!!

I have suggested feature, please add !


Hmmm...Team ?

Add more that 2 team, red vs blue ? i wish you will add my suggested feature : Team's , add Team button or something and if we press it, we will pic a colour for new team that we want add ? Ancient Warfare will become soo insane AWESOME !!! Would you add my suggested feature ?

Map Editor Please ?


with this, you can create your own map, no more like the flat ground, now you can make mountains, river, bridge, and lake.

Would you accept my suggested feature ?


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I have a "Suggested Feature" thing

I want if you press "E" to controll your shield, i want it to be faced forward, not we control it by the mouse.

Like you play Mount and Blade Warband, you press RMB and you will use the shield to block at where you are facing at

So, change the block button from "E" to "RMB" , and "E" is for Aim-throw weapon.

So if you hold down RMB you will use your shield and block to where you are facing at. And yeah, add Look Up and Down with mouse.

Do you accept my suggestion ? please ?

So, what is the difference between Stable version and Experimental Version ?

I found a bug, maybe.

I hope you can fix this.

If there were some graphic update, like this update5, there are ambient occlusion, bloom, sun shaft, etc. , and i hope you will add settings for that new graphic update like this update5. Its really important for those who have low spec PC like me.

That is my Spec, probably.

And now i played Update5 :

The colour is affect the troops too

Im playing the update4 of Acient Warfare 2 and the grass is not green, but there are a random colour kinda noise's like yellow. If it at night, there is blue and purple colour combined with the ground texture. What just happend ?