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same here, ran into a small problem with the introduction to the yellow people, as there wasn't much indication that the level had restarted at the time, but everything else was great!

For anyone who doesn't know what this means, the difficulty will be DRASTICALLY reduced, but not entirely gone

btw the banner idea was inspired by hollow knight for when you enter a new area.

This Is actually a really fun game! It looks like it was made more for phone and I'm playing it on PC. but great game otherwise!

dang, all of that and I still was late...

you still working on this? I would love to see at least a small bit of division in this game if you are

even If i do get the offline version of piskel, there is over 100 sprites I have to convert and I am not sure i have the space for that (and I've tried Pixilart and hate it. It can't even make a proper 32x32 circle) I can try tho

as someone who does game design as a hobby, this sound very interesting! I would love to see what you guys come up with!

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also what is GameSparks? (edit: I have a similar problem with Piskel shutting down accounts meaning every sprite I ever made will be gone unless I find another way of making sprites)

I would hate to see this game get removed :(
It would take longer but maybe try remaking the entire game in another program?
If no other options exist, then I would be suprised!

Are you still updating this game? i would love to see more content

Sounds like a neat concept! I will definetly try it as soon as I can!

don't mind me asking, but what is Twine

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I've decided that after I reach 10 downloads I will announce the new character (as a milestone). not saying if it's friendly or not though, that's for when I announce it.

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i understand, take as long as you want!

wow this is hard, but well done! i would be conviced that maybe you could try an actual game now, but if you feel like you need more practice go ahea

was similar to the game i was going to make for this jam, never finished it, the only difference was the entire get to the gate thing. basiclly you had one cockpit and a booster and you were navigating around dodging astroids and collecting parts from traffic accidents, but the more you added, the bigger you would get and the harder it would be to avoid stuff... glad to see something like that make it into the jam!

no, but it should be easy enough to get, I am always looking for new VR games to try (within a small budget)

tell me, how did you get this onto Quest 2?

I would love to try it