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I recently started testing ArtStudio Pro out (maybe from one of your earlier recommendations) and you're right, it's excellent. For patterns I prefer using layer effects, which it supports just like Photoshop so all happy here.

Those screens look beyond great btw.

Cool to see you here, and thanks for Pixaki! For layering, #1 request from me is groups, #2 is masks.

The system itself does support species like that but I haven't loaded it up with much yet. It's more-or-less based on some ideas from Papers Please, where what you really want is to define some criteria, then generate papers (or a face) that explicitly matches or does not match in interesting, non-confusing ways.

Interesting. For Obra Dinn I felt the outlines were key to legibility and wanted them to be as clean as possible. Which meant the relatively art-heavy burden of marking each object with a special color to define how it should generate edges. You wouldn't get that with realtime video of a live scene, so you'd need to tease it out of depth&color. That's how most 3D edge detection works anyways so it's not really a problem, just a little less precise than what I wanted.

Well those look incredible. Great style that works perfectly in 1-bit. Checking your itch page, all of your design work is amazing so I'm now a fan.

I like to be surprised by what an algorithm can generate from the pieces I feed it. Designing all the martians by hand would probably look better but be a lot less fun to work on. Also I don't know how many I'll need yet. Probably in the hundreds/thousands.