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Great to hear that a new version is out!  The radar, examine system and improved interaction system are great ideas. Radar should really help me figure out if I'm getting close to securing an area. I'll see how much, if any, it reduces the fun 'jump scare' effect of enemies coming out of the tall grass though.  It was satisfying to secure one of the supply caches, so being able to see if I can manage to do three will be fun. 

The enemies don't really need to be more formidable for me, but then, some gamers are faster at shooting and moving about than I am. :) 

Looking forward to reading the scriptures. What a great idea! Something that one doesn't usually find in games. 

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Sounds like you are making great progress with it!  I love that you are putting scriptures in your games!  There aren't nearly enough Biblical games out there. Looking forward to trying out the examine feature. I love it when games let you do that. Tracking zombies on radar will sure be handy too.  It'll be neat to see what the carnival area looks like. Sounds like it'll be a nice dose of color for the map. 

A great start! Interactivity adds so much to a game experience. Looks like from the video that interacting with objects will be pretty solid.

I agree. It looks like the kind of game that I'd actually buy off the shelf.  If you decide to make it a full-blown game, maybe I can help with editing writing for it, or something. I don't exactly know how to code beyond the object-based drag and drop systems that some games give you for creating your own levels in games like Disciples II or Super Mario Maker, but I've some experience with editing text.  Would be fun to try voice acting for the game too.  


Fascinating! I love seeing how games are made! Thanks for showing us this. 

Fantastic! It's quite playable already, so I'm enjoying it and looking forward to the next update. I enjoy blowing up the spider nests and am really impressed with weapon models and player character animations. 

I concur. Speaking of the squid monster, after the game being so very light-hearted, it was a bit of a surprise to have to fight one at the end. I enjoyed it though and was ready to take on the next challenge.  

What a very clever and cute game!  I loved Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64 and Super Paper Mario on the Game Cube. This game reminds me of it only without the puzzles being too difficult to figure out.  I loved how surprising it was to walk back towards the back of the world and find more things hidden behind foreground trees and such. 

When I was a kid, I used to draw things on paper and cardboard, then cut them out and make stick or finger puppets of the characters, items (like space ships, robots, monsters etc.)  and back grounds for them to act in front of, then make up little stories about them., so this game brings back memories too.  

This game has real potential to have more added to it for a full fledged game that would probably sell very well.   It was short, but I enjoyed every second of it and find myself ready for more. 

You're welcome.  I'll check out the level unlock. 

The almost monochromatic color scheme reminds me of playing games on my GameBoy.  Controls work well, though I felt a bit awkward using the z,x, and c buttons.  Would be nice to be able to change the key mapping to a,s and d instead so that my wrist can rest on my keyboard shelf's pad.  

Loved the music and sound effects!  The graphics have a good look to them once I got used to the color scheme.  Gaining some sort of extra poweful weapon (limited use, of course) would have been nice before reaching the boss.  I felt my ship was a bit underpowered for taking on the boss as I couldn't tell that I was making any dent in it.  
A very good start on this game!

The 'Tree' in this game reminds me of an Annual Erioganum or Wild Buckwheat plant. They grow a rosette of leaves, then quickly grow an umble of tiny flowers which dries up and breaks off after the flowers produce seed. The umble then bounces around in the wind, scattering its seeds.  

The first time I played the game, I did exactly what the 'eye' said and didn't do anything just sat there without touching the controls.  Was interesting wondering what the eye would do next and if the game would start a tutorial or something showing me what I could do.  I guess I 'won' the first play through. 

When I realized that the game wasn't going to tell me what to do in terms of controls, I started playing around with the mouse and keyboard in the second try at the game. I enjoyed the opening level and the next one after it, enormously.  Found myself actually laughing with surprise at what hitting the arrow keys did and especially when I figured out that I could move about more or less on purpose with certain keystroke combinations. 

Made me think of the 'Tree' as more like an undersea creature - one of those things that has properties of both animals and plants.  

I was really enjoying experimenting with the game until I got to the next level with the spinning saws. Seeing the 'Tree' get chopped up and starting the level over again was more frustrating than fun.  I think I'd like it better without the saws and instead with just increasngly tricky terrain to deal with.  Was enjoying how the game seemed to be totally different from most games and wasn't about running away from monsters or killing monsters, was just about experimenting with what you could do.   You could maybe make a second version in which the 'Tree' is never chopped up. 

It's a very clever game that shows how great it is that there are places for indie games to be released.  Something like this would probably not be published by the big companies since it is so very different from what players expect. 

I've not had that problem with other Unity games, but then I haven't played a ton of them on my PC.  I sure appreciate you making 32 gb builds.  I'll probably have 64 bit OS eventually, but I'm holding out as long as I can. 


It's a rather cute game. I want to keep trying it, but my computer keeps shifting control from its window to something else.  It's driving me crazy. I have two monitors in extended desktop mode. Maybe that's why. 
Kudos for making this game 32 bit compatible!  I've tried other games on and some are only in 64 bit mode, but they don't always say so. I'd be more inclined to buy games on here if I could tell which ones were available in 32 bit better. If you make a game that requires a cost, please indicate in the description if it comes in 32 bit. doesn't seem to care if 32 bit OS users can figure it out or not, so it's apparently up to the individual developers to help us out. 

Update: I've talked to the developer and he's released a 32 bit version now.  I've gotten that from redownloading the game via email.  Thanks for fixing this! Now, please do the same for every other game on here. Not everyone has a 64 bit Windows OS. 

I will try buying and downloading the game again. Apparently, the first time I bought it, it was only 64 bit compatible but didn't say so.  I have a 32 bit OS. 

The preview looks pretty cool! Graphics look rather well polished for an alpha release.