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There should be looping rain sound. Are you using the linux or windows version?

Hey! Thank you so much :D
Do you mean the rain graphics or the sound? Or something like adding water droplets/rain in front of the whole scene, not just in the back?

Hello SamichMachine,
since you are the one who mades us aware of the video, I thought I'd let you know that Simone made a reaction video to greystillplays video. If you want to, you can watch it here:

Thank you for pointing out there was a video! We just watched it ^_^

Hey Josh!

First: Thanks for playing the game!

Second: Thanks for the honest feedback.

The game is about "recovering" memories of past good times. It is about a man, thinking about his beloved dead wife (the "only one" for him).

The images are snippets of them travelling, being in the cinema, etc. It takes time to remember all the details, therefore the "tedious" process of remembering every detail of the situation.

You are totally right, for a jam that is focused on "game design", this might not 100% be the right fit. But after the theme was announced we wanted to give it a different twist.

I hope I could help shed some light on our thoughts and ideas for "The Only One" and we wish you a great time discovering the hidden gems of this GameJam!


We love the concept and interpretation. We kicked hard!

Fun little game :)

Can't open file.


I really like the whole setup of the game. But now my leg is wounded. GG

I am glad I was able to help Sophie ;) Nice!

Hey Nymad! Thanks for giving the game a shot and sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the screen resolutions. We've just uploaded a second version, which should hopefully fix the problem. Cheers!

Finally it arrived and I can say: It's very very good and I am really happy with the product.

As in every game by Windybeard the art just looks great! Also the gameplay is really smooth. The flinging of the miniatures (and especially kicking enemies off the gameboard) feels really satisfying. Also the different ways you can build your "gang" add a lot of depth and strategy to the game. Failed a mission? No problemo, just swap some units and try a different approach.

Really looking forward to dive deeper and collect all the coins!

Finally played it - great job! The black shadow freaked me out when I saw him creeping around the first time. Took me a while to understand that his location is also hinted in-game. Well done & great atmosphere!

This game does not only look good, but also plays extremely smooth for a jam game. The mechanics are great and I would love to see the devs turning this into a commercial game later :) Great fun! Thanks for making this.

We just saw the notification, but it's too late now to play a horror game ;)
We'll check it out tomorrow! The screenshots already look pretty promising.