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As a long-time tester of this game, I can recommend it to anyone looking for fast-paced action with roguelike elements and variety of unique weapons and passives that give you the edge in many situations. Weapons get more and more powerful as you progress through the different biomes, giving you a sense of progression. You can obtain these items not only from chests found around the floors, but also by buying them with currency known as Sol from the house located in each floor. Each world has their own unique enemies that makes the game enjoyable to play.  What also separates VF from other roguelikes are the various different weather elements that you have to adjust to.

If  you've already mastered the base game, go ahead and try the daily challenge. Every day, a new daily challenge emerges with different modifiers to change the way you would normally play. You win some and you lose some, but playing dailies always offers more unique ways to play the game.

While Vast Forecast is simple at the moment, it still offers an enjoyable and somewhat difficult experience. Fan of games such as Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne or Binding of Isaac? Give this game a go. I'm sure you'll see what I see in it too :)