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how does the totris blocks go to the comments section

it happens when you die


my pb: 51736

got to 47450 by holding mouse to heal



i got 4 freeze in one run and only died because i needed to change cards

got to lv 25

bro stop advertising

it still gives the 2x gain

no you just need to free up more memory

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double shards that stack 

for example the first run you get 1 shards and 2 on the second but 4 on the third and 8 on the fourth

yes i get 1024 base shards with no luck from the luck increaser thingy

its a bug just  reload

mass milestones arent upgrades theyre passives and automatically get bought

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can you make a achievement for getting all upgrades max level

i beat the game without buying tier 1 and tier 2 love upgrades

the sodas go in the fridge

i dont know how to use actives

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acctidentally reset :(

could have beat record

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i cant even undo

yeah i clicked on a bomb first turn

also my baseand yes the right is a zombie farm

anyone get this far

get gud 

no u less

me too

idk but i have the debug

is it just me or is issac gaining attack speed for every kill

note: dont use bouncing

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glitch: when using canister, reload on other mag and switch back to the canister to get the max ammo

idk what this would be used for but its a thing


idk but wery lucky

the luck goes frenzy

very lucky lol

my password was mrrt@$dSO!p$$^pcAW]rOy

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game glitched and now my 5burst doesnt shoot

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 bounce grip, spingun, 4barrel, missles(couldnt get the nuke), reversal stock and others i forgot=CHAOSwent to 135 and died to spike