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Duda Ribeiro

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same problem here :/

one of the most beautiful games i've ever played!

really beautiful... <3

Lately i've been feeling really tired and incapable and today i am feeling really upset. But this cute game made my day better

So cute and beautiful! Such a sweet way to teel the story <3 

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This is awesome! Its really fun to play and the music is sick!Really loved it <3

So cute and gay good! I just loved everything and it was really fun to play <3

I really loved this! Its really cool to see all the endings and possibilitys!

Its creative,cool and funny! Wonderfull game <3

This really makes my heart warm <3 it really touched me and its beautiful to see that this game its gonna touch others people's heart. You are amazing!

This is really great and interesting, plus the art is pretty good! I like that kinda weird vibe that it has but also i can feel a bit familiar to the main character's  feelings somehow. Amazing game!

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The art is so cute and the story is so touching <3 i really appreciate this, i hope you keep doing amazing stuff or just doing the things that makes you happy!