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This was fantastic. a very engaging story and a the demo ended with a perfect hook. I'm  so hyped for the full release. 

very nice job mate, i can't wait for the full release

very cool lookin graphics, now i get why it was  15gb haha 

i enjoyed, very well done bro.

here is my gameplay, spoilers I Failed haha

this gave me more as a horror feeling, like i was tense all the time, also gives a lot of puppet combo vibes. good job 

i might get fired 

good freakin job mate 

the game was very short, but it was building some terror in me, great job. 

that ending got me really bad 

awesome fricking job man, it really gave me the vibes of being lost in the forest and not know what to do. 

exceptional game 

This made me almos sh*t my pants and have a heart attack. thanks hahah 

i loved it, it glitched at the and but it was good 

awesome job, i was tense throughout the whole thing. 

really short but really well done.

i did not expect that ending brooo, beautiful work.

really enjoyed 

I need the full  game, this was really good.

ouuu i love it 🖖🖖 

i legit loved it, the music was amazing. 

the game was legit scary i love it

this proves that pixel games can in fact be scary

i cant stop playing this

cant wait for the next chapters, i loved this.  you really got me with that ending haha. 

I LOVED IT, the vibes, the art, the dark atmosphere. 

watch me play it here

just gave it a try, super cool ma dude