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After waiting for the full release for months now, I ended up finishing the game the same day it came out. This game gives me so many butterflies and I absolutely love the humor and romance that fills the game. I really, really love this project and I can鈥檛 even express how much the representation of demisexual and panromantic means for me, someone who is both and struggles with it. During my playthrough I felt emotional on several occasions and there were so many moments where I could completely relate to Cove (and many more moments where I wished I was actually living the life of the main character in real life 馃槄 yes I may have developed a crush on Cove, sue me). All in all, the experience is extremely well made and I will certainly be playing through it again and again (just like I did with the demos). Thank you for creating this gem, my heart is happy.

i don't ever leave game reviews but this one is so freaking worth it. everything about it was so awesome and perfect. i literally love everything about it. akarsha is totally my fav, but all the characters felt so real and full of emotion and the dialogue was just spot on i swear. it was so fresh and actually made sense in regard to today's culture (memes). like the way they talked and texted was so funny because it was so spot on with how we all communicate with each other now. like,, every other visual novel i've played always has some sort of falsehood about it. usually because the characters are just way too serious or the way they speak doesn't seem natural and laidback enough or the text language was obvi written by an adult who doesn't understand how kids text these days. but the way they all talked and texted like normal teens in this day and age was so refreshing and heartwarming in a way and it made me wish i could be real life friends with them all. plus the art was adorable and there were a ton of moments that made me laugh out loud. i just can't say enough good things about this game. it is a job well done and i HIGHLY recommend everyone plays it. it's just too cute to pass down. LOVE this game, def my fav visual novel to date <3

also 11/10 for the gay aspect of the game. literally everything i want and more

I absolutely love the artwork in this and just like the first chook and sosig, this failed to disappoint. I simply cannot wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the game.

The storytelling was on point and I was not expecting [spoiler] quiz to be the next victim so well done!