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Had a ton of fun with this one and played it as the second game!

So much fun, can't wait for more!

Amazing game, can't wait for full release!

One of the best indie horror games I've ever played

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Absolute BANGER of a game! 100% recommend!

My video if you wanna laugh while seeing the game XD

Super fun game and I hope more people find this one!!

Super fun and definitely worth the play!!

The graphics, voice acting and gameplay were all amazing!  100% recommend this game and hope the dev makes more! 

Really fun demo, as far as I know the only way the game ends is when you die, but I'm loving everything so far! 

I absolutely love the animal crossing style of this game, tbh I think taking a cute and relaxing games like AC made this even more unsettling!

Hilarious, absolutely one of the games of all time!!

Super fun horror game, I'm excited to see what else they have in the future!

I've been on a kick recently where I want to play any analog/retro/vhs style horror games I can get my hands on and this one delivered! It was super fun piecing together clues of what happened right up until the end! It's the last game in the video!

Awesome indie/analog horror, loving how the genre is growing!It's the first game in the video!

This games was my first analog horror experience and I'm so glad it was! I wish they'd extend the game or make a sort of sequel!

I love these types of games and hope the analog horror community keeps growing!! Some of the best and unsettling horror I've seen in a while

It was the second game I played in this video- super fun!