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i played this with my friend and after dying when not opening our eyes and seeing what happened if you did open youre eyes was so cool. 10/10

validate it yourselves, you idiots

I can't even do anything

yeah, i guess i'll keep using that..

Sorry, i'm not good at computers. How do i do that?

Hey there! Just suggesting you should remove the decay over time on player-made structures.

The one where you're in a cave, and you have to hit a very high note.

i think so, what does that error code mean?

Wetwork community · Created a new topic It doesn't launch

The game will never start, it gives me error 3221225781. Please help, i really want to play the game

i love how the one with the platforms is literally impossible

Hey there! I love the game's style and concept, but it'd be nice if the framerate was improved. That's all i had to say, thanks for reading

yes, i did but when i try to run MP_Online.exe nothing happens, i double-click, nothing happens, i try clicking once, nothing. Do you know why the this happens?

its not working, i click the "install" button, it says it's downloading and then instantly pops back to an install button. WHY?

Really good game! I can't find the alien guide tho and it would be really fun if u could: interact with people and other things like slot machines. A third person mode! That would make this game even more awesome! :D online mode, i guess this would need a lot more work and it'd take a while. D: But keep up the good work! A 3/5 i'd say.