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Some faggot

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No problem buddy :3

im talking about beta 6. The steam price.

Seriously why tf is the game 15 euros? Thats too much money my man! Shit, i know you worked hard but you dont have to rape my wallet!

When  999 eats me it doesnt respawn me. It just leaves me as a corpse and nothing happens. I can still use my inventory.  And you should make a way you can go to the menu screen without closing the game and opening it again.

make me pepe the frog

This game fucking sucks its not even for windows 7.

So.... you say it Ivan? xD

He said its only singleplayer. So yeah no multiplayer.

but that doesnt mean that cheating WONT be a problem and no he said its a singleplayer game.

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And for everyone that wants multiplayer it wont happen here is why

1.Cheating becomes a issue because Raven is the only one working on the game.

2. He stated himself on his twitter that its gonna be a singleplayer only.

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i love this game.

Want maybe other ideas tell me on Facebook Iskren Emilov Hadjiev.

Yo Raven i got idea for the awesome game like a mini map.