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Another great game with some funny references and a bunch of legitimate spooks at some points.  I especially liked the part from the Apartment 2 involving figuring out the phone's password, thought it was a nice touch.  Not a lot of games do that 10/10 :D

Starts at 2:50

It was short and didn't really have a lot of choices, but it still did it's job of being entertaining!

Starts at: 16:00

It was a really funny game and I was confused why it was in the horror section in at first lol. But it still managed to give out a decent jumpscare :D

Starts at 8:27

Short game, but love the setting and the sound effects. Only complaint was that it was too dark the field of view was a bit too far in my opinion. But overall nice game!

Short game, but was still pretty scary.  The story of Isabelle and witch was also really creepy. Game starts at 8:13

A really nice horror game with some funny easter eggs here and there.  Really liked the parts with the whispers, it sent chills down my spine.  Looking forward to your future projects! Game starts at 3:25 of the vid

Simple but fun horror game.  Really enjoy some good spongebob horror every now and then :D

A short and simple game that has a reslly good atmosphere which gave me a few good scares at times. Though the extended version could have used more mannequins in my opinion. But overall, its a really nice horror game and I had fun playing it

A simple, awesome game.  Really found some aspects of it funny.

4th wall breaks, Hilarious dialogues, and weird content is all I could ever ask for a game :D

A neat little game where you just shoot fish at enemies for a number of rounds.  Gotta say, it was fun playing!

Even though its a quick game, it really creeped me out in some parts.  The atmosphere and the puzzles were extremely good.