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Well i don't know the reason
You are free1 not to download my game here.

Ther's the free demo on Steam. Do you think they do virus cheking?

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Does you antivirus do this often?


Thank you!

Made it

Did you tried it? Not working on 32 at all?

Thank you!

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Thank you!
That was great playthrough!

It seems I really do need English native speaker :)

Thank you

i believe it's universal

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Hey there! I've released the Demo of my Resident Evil + DinoCrisis inspired game!

Play it on


  • Take a deep breath of a thick survival horror atmosphere!
  • Smash nasty zombie's heads off!
  • Solve the puzzles! Read the notes!
  • Collect the Collectables!
  • Escape the town by three ways!

The game is in active development.
I would appriciate if you'll make a video of your first walkthrough,
and publish it to Youtube (or similar), or just send it to me.
This will help me to  make this game better.
Wishlist the game on Steam if you like it!

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Great video!
Thanks gor all the advices!

The keycard is on the security's dead body in the toilet

Yep. I did optimized the game since the demo release. Will be in upcoming update

OMG! You've totally broke my game XD
Thank you!

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Is it the game laggy or it's your video recording software?
I saw a bug. Zombies must rise up if you didn't blew their heads off... But they were just laying down.

Thank you

Sweet X2

Guys, you will be in the special thanks list :)

And i would like to see video of your walkthrough :)


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What was great!

Thank you :)

Thank you! That was awesome!

Upload your video to google drive and send link to me

Wow, thank you.

I guess i'll have to think about my colored puzzle some more...

Thank you!

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That was awesome! Thank you :)

I want to make this game larger.

Thank you!

Thank you.
I definitely must work out with those ghosts :)

Thank you!

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Thank you, that was awesome.

I certainly will add some narrative to it :)
It's designed that you will finish the games puzzle last, but i see some people just pass throught the dwarf puzzle and come to it at the end.
That mean, i have to work with a last chasing dark-stuff some more.
And pauses while doing puzzles, yeah.

That was just adorable!
I love your way to brutforce the puzzles :)
And i saw something that will help me to make this game better. thank you!

Wow thank you. I figured out i didn't change all the russian text :)