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Just wondering, what made you hate the way the character was written? Ive only played one ending so far (LÁrmour or something?), so i dont know if im missing some lines or something, but besides being mentioned once that the character was a trans woman it never came up, did it? Isnt that fine? It was just a character like everyother character?

WEll written Story with a good twist with a lot of emotions for a half hour adventure

I did expect a funny Story about a lil girl mseeing with some incarnation of Death. Which this was... 


THe Twist at the End really had impact, but i like it. It makes somewhat sense within the universe and the its written really well. Most Characters had nice develepments within this short adventure. The only little downside was waking the old man, finding the correct word/spelling was a bit meh. Maybe allow more general fitting phrases.