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I love the vision you have! You know all it takes is a decent proof of concept prototype from game crafter, then get your kickstarter up! In fact, even if you didn't want to do a full publication, you can create it all on gamecrafter and they'll print and ship on demand so the only heavy lift for you is the artwork. My buddy and I did that with a game we created.

Kickstarter is cool too! Either way,  count me in to back it! I've cobbled together components off of gamecrafter to make my little "at home" version of Ex novo. I bought colored dice, gold cubes (for resources), and little green meeples for population. (not to mention colored pencils) I enjoy my little "deluxe" version, but having a physical copy "kissed" by you guys in a nice box is really what the game deserves


Ex Novo community · Created a new topic Print???

First off, THANKYOU for making this. It's a brilliant and fun game. It often feels more like an activity than an actual game. The work and thought you put into the rules and artwork deserve PRINT. Would you guys ever consider putting this on LULU press or some other print on demand service to enable print copies to be sold? I need this for my library and would love to have and hold a copy in my hands. I have crudely printed up paper copies on my printer, but seriously, this game deserves a physical copy.