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I liked  the game the only thing that got me off was the dragon girl. I know I know some people like it, but it just carried the game away from the story, one time the guy is on a burst of heroic with his somewhat Link's courage and magical shield and them he's just a cuckhold when the entire game he tried to "fight away" and with the dragon girl he just call himself names. I think if he tried to say (like all the other times) that he is an adventurer and them she just continued doing what the hell she was doing he would finally yeld but he simply call himself pathetic when she didn't even said he to do so. If you would remake the chapter one with some add-ons you could correct that or if u don't wanna, just write a line that she tell him to call himself pathetic and them him do so, cuz it don't make sense calling himself pathetic and after that she telling him to do so.
PS: I playied it on a friend's house and don't know what happens next on the game, planning to buy it, continue with the great work