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Hey there!

I've not played as of yet, probably tomorrow, but immediately purchased the full version!  I'm a life-long avid reader of all genera of fiction and non-fiction, never without a current book in hand.  This looks absolutely delightful, Thanks in advance!

I've been looking for a relaxing...  trading sim without a hundred controls to memorize.  It's retro graphics are easy on the eye as well.  The lack of constant combat is a nice aspect as well.  That the game is open ended without having to be drawn into a story thread is great too!  I love the game!

That said, in all fairness, rare encounters with would-be hijackers (pirates) would add a extra dimension to the game.  Perhaps with the option of no pirates, few pirates, and just a few more pirates would be nice.  A surrender (cargo) option, evade option (at a distance) or combat.  Not sure how combat might be resolved... an option for computer driven auto combat... after all, an AI would better know where another ships weak spots are.

But then, that would be my idea of expanding the game and not your game.  Your game is stands alone as wonderful!  Well worth the cost.  Thank you:-)

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I haven't played too much yet, but I love it!

I work as environmental health/safety specialist for a... large company that chemically alters the surfaces of 2.5 micron silica and polymers for... well, anyways, I've a decent O. Chem background.  Seems like a great teaching tool.  Will enjoy continuing to play... or... work?  Never mind... nice work:-)

RE: "atmosphere"... totally.  That's what I love about this version of SST!!!  You've made an abstract game immersive:-)  Agreed, missing McCoy.  Still, if other elements come to mind, by all means, add them.

My point (if any) is that while I've had other versions of SST buried in various folders... somewhere... on my laptop, your version has a shortcut smack-dab on my laptop screen.  The save feature is wonderful too.  You've made a version that is atmospheric, playable (more so), and... returnable to with ease.


Absolutely wonderful mash-up... or is it?  

Looking back, I'm a bit surprised that no one (aside from you, Emabolo) ever came up with a version of SST quite like... this.  Love it!!!

Great concept!  I look forward to the remakes to be included with future releases:-)

Wonderful game, wonderful story, and stunning visuals.

Great Work Laura!!!

Nevermind my previous... that was windows standard.  I have 7-zip and will give it a try this evening and let you know the results.

I'm using 7-zip on Win10.  I did not have problems with 1.02, strangely enough...

Multiple downloads of version 1.03.  Each time during the unzipping process, I get error messages at different points during unzipping.  Any ideas?

BTW, my cat totally digs this too... she'll watch the circles, find a groove, and nestle down next to me and listen and purr... and just go... relaxed.  Again, thanks for this.  I also have a long-time friendship with my tattoo artist, Nicole.  I purchased a copy for her as a tip recently and she said "This is the best tip I've ever gotten from someone"  Thanks again for this artwork:-)

Absolutely awesome.  I was moved to tears after 15-minutes with what evolved.

Thank you...

I've also played "Secret Life..."  

You have a gift working with minimalist concepts:-)  As someone that just enjoys getting-lost and exploring what comes-up; thank you for both.  I look forward to future developments:-)

Wonderful wandering:-)

Thank you!

Excellent premise; life on a tramp freighter!  If a work in progress, I'd love to see this further developed.  Most tramp trader games focus on a single pilot buying and selling.  You have taken the idea further; adding crew, ship management, and missions... as well as the traditional  travel, explore, and trade.   This has potential for becoming a classic in the genera as it parallels classic table-top rpg games and science-fiction novels regarding tramp traders.  Nice work.  I'm following... like I said; if not finished, do.  I'll put down money.

I purchased this dungeon crawler when it was first released.  I found it was portable and have over the years moved it from laptop to laptop to desktop, etc.   That's over ten years of fun.  Thanks for this game!  It is by far the most easy to jump into  crawl (IMO) and re-playable crawl I've ever enjoyed.  Thanks so much for this game:-)