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Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

We don't have any plans for an Android release at the moment, although we've been experimenting with getting our VNs to work on mobile devices, so if we do decide to go for a full release, we will me an announcement on our Twitter!

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Asterism's demo provides a nice insight into the world of Cystal Game Works' upcoming VN. The use of visual effects and transitions is very immersive and unique, creating an experience that stands-out from other visual novels.

The story itself is very intriguing and well-written, I'm looking forward to playing the final version. The art is also nice too, with plenty of great touches.

Great work! ;) absolutely blessing to play

Thanks for the offer, however we're not looking into translating the game into any additional languages.
Thank you.

Thank you! I've read your thoughts in the Lemmasoft thread and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game that much!

Thank you! I hope you're having a great Easter as well! :)

I do plan on making more games in the future, though I don't see myself releasing any free games for a while. Mainly because of the amount of money it costs to produce. SOHL cost around x10 as much as my first game, and I really want to improve the quality of what I produce further so I'd be looking to crowd-fund a few projects and then release them for a certain price.

That being said, I don't want to neglect the free VN market. When I first got into VNs I didn't have any money to buy any, so I was limited to a small selection of free titles. I would like to release something again for free in the future, it just wouldn't be anytime soon.

I'm also working on several other projects, though they're not my own. So if you did want to check out any of that progress then I do have a Twitter account @dssansVN if you have one and wanted to follow me.

I'm glad you like it!

If you were to read the VN 100%, achieving all endings etc, then the total playtime would be between 2 - 3 hours depending on your reading speed.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)

I'm glad you're liking it! I really appreciate any gameplay videos, so I'll be sure to check it out. :)

Please send any inquires/emails to