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hi there,

the gamejam has been a very nice (local) event. so far, only one submission from our local site has been posted though. maybe there will be some more coming up, but that's up to the developers. we had 7 projects in total at our site.

thanks for all people who sent in remote entries as well (3 so far)!

until next time!

thank you :)

hi, could you please download the game again and try if it works now?

thanks for the info!

will be fixed asap

Like last year, 4 topics have won the voting race:


This means, it's up to you which topic(s) you choose for your project!
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jam is over, thank you all for participating!

we had some presentation at our local site this afternoon, not all of those projects have been submitted here yet but they will probably be appearing soon!

here are our traditional jam bananas:

thanks a lot! have a beer 🍺 😎

this has nothing to do with the Commodore 64, so why do you use this tag?

Mid-Jam 2022 community · Created a new topic submissions?

one submission out of 17 participants seems a bit thin :D

did anyone start something? maybe we can show unfinished projects in this thread?

Today is the longest day...

thanks :) you can try the C64 conversion, it's harder...

is it still possible to play the original version somewhere in the browser?

i can't get past the instructions somehow

really cool idea and also nice presentation!

great visuals and cool idea, but the controls are a bit unusual and hard to get used to :)

nice gta-like engine though!

nice and simple idea, is there any way to get past level 7 though?

that looks like a pretty neat idea ;)

Hi, I'm ZeHa from Dr. Wuro Industries and for this year's Mid-Jam i work together in a team with ever/EV3R4 from Brooen Mouse Studios.
We use Lua/Love2D and heavy programmer art

well, "color matters" could be interpreted in a way that certain colors have certain meanings within the game, e.g. blue balloons are good but red balloons are harmful. that's one way to interpret it. but everyone's free to his own interpretations of course :)

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good luck from me as well!

yes, there are even two :)

see here:

last year's jam was nice, topic was "Teleportation", there were some nice results :)

looking forward to see what this year's topic will be like...

Hi, I don't want to spoil your illusions, but I think that's not a good idea for a jam. Most people who join gamejams want to be creative, but you're limiting their creativity heavily by telling them to clone a specific game, just with a different art style - and on top of that, you're not even giving them the choice to choose whatever art style they like, instead you tell them exactly what they should do.

It could work if this jam was directed to gfx artists only, but then you would have to provide a running version of the game where they can simply swap-in their assets. But in the way the jam is currently set up, I doubt anyone will be motivated to join in.

well the basic most important rule is probably: focus on something simple, be clear what to put in and leave out. don't assume you can create a huge project within such a short time, especially if you have never done that before. try to set yourself a deadline for brainstorming your idea, and then go for it. be sure to focus on the core idea, don't have complexity in several areas (best to have no complexity at all, but if you have, then keep it to one area). you can always add stuff later (after the jam - or during the jam, if you finish the core of your idea early). for example, if the game will absolutely need to have several levels, cut complexity on everything else (e.g. just one type of enemy, no AI, etc). if the game will absolutely need to have several types of enemies though, make that the core focus but try to fit your project so it is fun with just one level. if the game will absolutely need to have AI, focus on the AI but just have one enemy and one level. don't try to do "everything".

as for a time schedule, you could set milestones for each evening. on the first evening, the milestone will be to have an idea or a concept, on the second evening, the core game should be playable, on the third evening of course the release will be due. if necessary, add some in-between milestones. at some point during the jam, you might have to decide which features to scrap in order to still submit the game. also, it's not a bad idea to package your game in-between, let's say you have a good version at some point that could theoretically be released as the final submission, then package it all up in order to a) fullly be aware of what stuff you need to provide in the end (readme, screenshots, etc), and b) have a ZIP ready to submit in the case that during the final hours of the jam, all your additions fail to complete or you end up in a weird state of incompletion / half-finished stuff that you don't want to submit.

hope this is some good advice for you :)

oh my god... i've been using XFCE for years now, and didn't know this :D

thanks a lot, that works nicely! (and will be useful for tons of other games/applications too :D )

is there a way to play in fullscreen mode (linux)?

the results are here, the winner is "The Unfinished" by FranticDreamer!

a very nice game that really took the "programmer art" theme to another (meta) level!

congratulations to the winner and thanks all for participating in this gamejam!

congratulations for winning the jam ;)

jam is finished, voting is now open!

very nice music

it would be nice if you could submit it in an unfinished state though! or at least continue it later :)

i'll throw a few ideas in for a start:

- mirrored
- just one
- can't stop
- bizarre
- don't do it
- overload
- satellites

please post any inspirational ideas here what a game could be about, so when the jam starts and people are out of ideas, they might find some inspiration here ;)

yes i thought the arrows might at least explain to the player who hasn't played before what is happening :) because that's the main problem with the game :D

yes maybe i should add that here too...

congratz 😎👍

a bit like marble madness but with a teleportation twist! graphics are clear and functional, but still have a certain "atmosphere", i like that a lot.
i agree with EV3R4, sound would be nice. but otherwise a great submission and it would be cool to see a completed version in the future