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This is a terrific little game. I have a few rules questions after playing my first game.

Does the laboratory work by copying the bottom-attached room to one of the upper rooms immediately? Does it copy what is built on one of the sides to the other immediately? Is the clone just a thing that can at any time clone one of the attached parts to anywhere on the tower? 

For the observatory, does it count every room, every square or just every unused symbol? For example, do stairwells count as rooms?

Played this late last night. First game I ended up with -11 points. Second game I ended up with 13 points. 

I am really digging this style of game.  It's super fun and I like the theme. 

I'm going through and trying all of your solo games now. Can you recommend any games by other people to someone who is new to the print and play world?

This game needs an android port. I love it so much.

Short but fun. A traditional clicker.