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Freddie Taylor-Bell

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Small update; Changed the text on the second page from Sacred Rights to Sacred Rites

How many submissions will be selected for Tiny Tome?

Thank you so much for your kind words.

You're absolutely right in saying that the Building a town section wasn't planned on being written last, however due to how large it is as a section I couldn't figure out where else to put in given that the goal was to create a 2-page game.

This is so freaking cute

A fun retierment mechanic that you could add on to any ongoing campaign

I'm really not a fan of the Mork Borg school of layout design but it's a nice little bug war game

What a neat little dungeon builder!

Yeah, there are so many fantastic submissions and I've been going wild rating all of my favoruites.

A really simple social game with big cult energy. I like it!

I think it's a really cool game, I mean who doesn't want to kill a dragon in 5 minutes? The only downside is the fact that the rules need explaining outside of the card itself on the Itch page.

The rules are simple, so once you've learnt them you don't really need to look at them again, but if you gave the card to a friend or found it in your wallet after forgetting about it, I recon there's be some confusion.

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I reccomend using WinRaR or 7zip for unzipping the folder (both are free)
I use 7zip myself and all you have to do is Right-Click > 7Zip > Extract Files Here.

I hope that helps,


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Hi, appriciate the feedback and the edit.

I deliberately wanted there to be a differentiation between identifying animal threats (Are there any Predators here?) and human threats (Are there any Humans or Human traps nearby?) because humans represent a much bigger threat than any animal does but I do take your point about combining the two “What food could we forage here?” and “What animals could be hunted here?” options.