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Interesting game, Kinda stumped me on the computer code, But still a cool concept.

More mannequins... Thought I was done with them in Urbex.. Good game, Mannequins were not as scary as they were in Urbex, Were a bit too cartoony in my opinion.. Still a good game though!

Did a lets play of this, And all I can say is I hated mannequins before this... But I hate them even more now! Good job, Didn't expect it to end the way it did.

Pretty good game, No jumpscares, But it does its job by giving off a gloomy atmosphere, Good job, And keep up the good work!

Awesome game, Love the graphics, Sound and the attention to detail. Has a great spooky atmosphere, I was expecting something to get me around every corner!

I liked it, My only real complaint was that I wish the ending was more fleshed out.. But for a student game, Not bad at all, Keep up the good work!

Awesome demo.. I hate mannequins, And this game gave me a healthy dose of heart attack in a cup.. Hope to see more like it in the future, Gave me goosebumps throughout the playthrough! 

Pretty good game.. I kinda figured out what was happening before the end, But I tend to do that alot.. Good job on it, Hope to see more like it!

Damn... All I can say is, I've never been that  "Scared" from a game in my life.. Kudos to you my friend, I REALLY enjoyed this game.. Would love to see more like it!

I did a lets play of this, Not a bad game.. If you like games in the Lovecraftian style, Then you should like this game. A big thumbs up from me!