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Some people may go through this and ask why...

Some people may go through this and say it is beautiful...

I go through this and feel sorry for your lack of gonads...

I don't know what it is about this. I mean you do so very little, except jump on the mattress, wear a pot on your head, hide in the cupboard.

Yet I never felt such a weird sense of wonder about it. Maybe it's the avatar grinning as she does these pointless things. Maybe it's the fact that the game has very little objective and let's you make your own fun. But the sense of peace I got with this was astounding.

Good job, seriously

I  had no idea what was going on but I think i was moved by it D:

If there's one thing that this game has reminded me's that you need to feed your pets the right stuff.

Think....when you pick up that cat food are you in fact picking up rat poison? Could you in fact have picked up Sulphuric Acid.

Pets are living beings. You need to be very careful what you put in their mouths.

This is a very serious problem! D:

To add to this, I found that Organ of Eden often had traps where you would get stuck in doorways, walls and had to restart from the beginning.

I need more Madelyn.... :O

I love how the game forces you to close the game then instructs you not to do so because it corrupts save files! XD

This is amazing.

Quite how you got the football physics better than AAA publishers I'll never know! :D

Yep, it's there now. Thanks for your help.

Hi, can I confirm how you download this? There doesn't seem to be a button to download it and the install button comes up with no executable.

"Nathan, you have shat your pants" is my phrase of the month! Good job! =D

I'm finding this as well

Nope....have absolutely no idea what i'm meant to be doing.

I'm too stupid for this game.

I can't come out of the menu. I click a button and it does nothing. :(

If anyone is wondering what the controls are, you are meant to use care then click on the circles.

Otherwise it isn't very easy. In fact at one stage it is so frantic that it's nearly impossible to progress.

Ironically I felt very negative by the end

Played and enjoyed every moment of being with grandma.

Let down by the fact we only found 3 mushrooms and ended up with a rissoto.

I started the game to vacuum stuff.

I finished the game a changed man....

Ah.....I see what you did there.

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This is truly a great addition to every person who struggles with rules light RPGs. Sometimes you don't know whether something should be interesting or something different but also very interesting. We've all been there!

Thank you Micheal Van Vleet! You are a saviour to all GMs everywhere!

You don't touch them.

They switch off automatically when you press the square buttons in the right order