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It took me a while to play it, but I regret nothing!!

This game is super fun to play! It starts really fast and is, of course, quite unforgiving. But that makes it fun! I LOVED its RE vibes and... Well, being able to break stuff was amazing hahaha 

Maybe it'd be better if there weren't as many f bombs in the dialogues, but they were very funny to me anyway!

Thank you for the game! ^^ ♡

Really nice and interesting game!! 

I loved the little stroll at the beginning and how cute some of the achievements are (played it on Steam)!! Also really enjoyed how the character interacted with the world ^^ 

I'd also say the detail of using kanji instead of the arabic numerals was a really nice touch!

Thank you for the awesome game <3

Sweet short horror! Was on edge the whole time xd

I liked the simplicity, the strange sounds and the eerie vibe of the game! Really nice! 

Would've loved an extra sound when the *intruder* appears, but was nice nonetheless!

PS: Don't have to say sorry for making a short game, it's fun as it is! We're just glad to get another short game to try ^^

Great short horror game!!

I liked the little jumpscares but, especially, the change in color at the end! Really cute character as well!! 


I'd have loved to be able to jump into the holes as a little easter egg, but it makes sense the character wouldn't want to do it! 

Thanks for the game <3

Impressive that someone could make a game in under a week!!

I liked this game, it was simple but catchy and the physics are really fun ^^

I'd say it could do with more scares or notes, but then again one can do so much in less than a week!!

Loved it <3

Very interesting game!! The camera work is so nostalgic (tho I'm not used to it AT ALL anymore xd) and the overall idea was very unnerving! The controls were a bit wonky at times (or maybe it's just me?) but great game! Had real fun with it!

Love the overall message of the game! Still a bit confused about what happened at the library (👀) or why the camera hated me, BUT good game nonetheless ^~^

Awesome game

It was a bit confusing at first but, when you get the hang of it, it's very straightforward and fun!

Loved the ambience and the several endings on it! 

[And it sure is true that you are NEVER safe while playing this game, huh?]

This was short and sweet!

Had some nice spooks, an interesting story, and the whole ambience was great! 

This was a really nice short horror game!

It was straightforward and had a specific bit I was NOT expecting!

Great work!

This game scared me in so many ways!!

The fact that you just don't trust anyone out of fear from the very beginning, that it all keeps getting worse... And that this happened to someone in real life make this game SO scary!! 

I felt so exposed every second of it, as if I was being watched!!

I won't spoil anything, but this was amazing!!

I had SO MUCH FUN playing this!!!

I loved the atmosphere and the details put into the game! I will never have enough mops blocking the way and ColaCao boxes!!

I am so making my friends play it!

This game is AMAZING??

I had so much fun playing a game that touches on real everyday fear, and the fact that these are real stories that have happened to someone makes it even scarier.

I'm also very glad there is so much detail put into it and that you can replay it several times and still find more things you hadn't seen before!!

I did find a funny bug where you get the bottle before going to bed the first time and then it just disappears. I'm not complaining tho, it was fun!