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Dr. Sandmonster

A member registered Sep 26, 2017

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Very scary. Unsettling vibe from the get-go.

This was great! The garbage collecting was pretty engaging. Love how simple but creepy the game was.

Very creepy. I love the Smiling Man creepypasta. It's neat seeing it interpreted through someone else's imagination.

So creepy! Great use of tank controls

That was weird. Thank you!

I was looking into it yesterday. Excited to check it out. Your other games look great, too!

Played this as part of Indiepocalypse 5. So good and weird.

Played this from Indiepocalypse #5. Loved it. So creepy!

This was great! Like a small-scale Silent Hill.

Such a fantastically fun game. Loved the aesthetic

This was great. Very creepy. Loved the aesthetic.

That worked! Thank you. Really like the game, it feels so much like a Genesis or SNES era game.

Enjoying the game, but I am having an issue where the aspect ratio is 1280x1440 and I cannot change it in the options. Is there a fix anyone know about?
I'm using Windows 10 64-Bit. I tried both the 64Bit and 32Bit version of the game and got the same problem.