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this is a really stylish showcase, can't wait to see more it feels great to play :)

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Hey! Sorry I've been inactive, but I've discovered a new issue, which makes me very wary running this on Mac, it seems as though the failed starting of the game has left behind some kind of stray process that I can't figure out how to get rid of aside from a restart, listed as "pid 7407(Nightmare): [0x000199640005a775]" with the pmset -g assertions command. It says that this process is disabling screen saver, I had been searching for the reason my computer no longer slept, then discovered this and it lines up with the time that my Mac stopped sleeping. I have deleted the app but the process continues until restarting the computer. I'm not sure how to find exactly what it is associated to so I'm not sure how much this will help but it seems like something that I should make note of. Thank you!

The game regularly loads up fine, but either pressing space to skip or waiting til the opening video has finished makes the game unresponsive, with no way to get past the main menu :( always happens directly after the voice on startup says "nightmare-mare-mare". any thoughts appreciated.

That did the trick! I somehow missed that the app existed up until this point. time to try out all the games I thought wouldn't run before...

I feel a fool... I was pointed towards the Itch app from another page, and wasn't even aware that existed somehow. It runs perfectly well from the app! 

Mac version seems broken :(

the Mac version seems to be broken, sadly